Monday, September 26, 2011

+1 for Jesus

Me and Elder Sheppard with our self tailored shirts...after this picture,
I flexed and tore the shirt!

My zone

Me and the Nicols family

Serveanvaran (Varan) Navaratnam at his baptism

Me and Elder Sheppard just before he died (went home)

OK What a week let me tell you about it. First Vent Time. OK so Elder J started his mission in the Manchester Mission but needed a knee surgery so had to go home for a bout 3 months. that was four months ago. then he was reassigned to our mission. So i have had tons of dreams throughout my mission of me being home for a brief holiday then returning to the mission field. I didn't want to but it just happened that i was there. so he like lived one of my 'dreams' and now i get to hear all about it. i don't mind to bad but he is practically engaged with a professional volleyball player who he gets two letters a week from. Honestly it wasn't that big of deal. but because one of his last companions liked it Elder J likes to interpret his letters and dictate them to me as i am studying. Whatever. I cant wait for them to get married and have tons of kids who eat apple strudel on their weinersnitchel. I got a call from President Patch while i was on an Exchange, Basically telling me that he put me with Elder J cause he has confidence that i can keep him under control. Elder J is great he is tons of fun and there is never a dull moment with him. A great man once said you have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionally. I think Elder J got that mixed up and them inversely. Its kinda funny because i think he is use to people stop listening to him after the first couple of days and he has tried to tell me stories that do not coincide with each other and when i call him out on it he says 'oh you were listening'. English people dont really like braggers and people that only talk about them self. Elder J is great at that. so Now we already have one family in the ward that wont talk to us...
Vent time is over
So i got to have a companionship exchange this week with the Assistants Elder Scruggs came to Basildon with me and we had a blast of a time. I really miss serving with him he is such a stud. We had a great time finding together.It was really cool to see how he has grown as a person and a missionary over the eight months since i was last with him. Earlier in the week while finding i was in the town center and rudly rejected by a not-so-sweet old lady. right after that i turned and talked to a sweet young lady pushing a stroller (or pram as they are called here) She was really cool and we were able to set up an appointment with her. mean while her crazy 4 year old son began climbing a tree. When he was told to come down he grinned and began licking the tree? (British children are loco) Anyhow later on in the week we went by her home to teach her and found out that she is golden as the egg laid by the goose in charlie and the chocolate factory. Amazing! so she now has a baptism date.
OK Highlight of the Week !!!!!!!!! Varans Baptism!!!!!
I was so excited for this day cause Varan is super solid and it one of those great example definitions of one who has been converted to the gospel. The font was a bit funny to fill up cause the hot water is to hot and the cold water is to cold. so i fillied it up half way with hot water then turn on the cold.... and then forgot about it. Well we were all dressed in white ready to go the spirit of God like a fire was burning. then as we all moved to the font i remembered it was still runnning so i ran and shut it off then went to the font to see it near over flowing. well by that time the cold water had overcome the hot water.... to cut a long story short i said the baptism prayer really quick and Varan didnt have to make any effort to hold his breath. The shock of going under the cold water did that for him. Well it was great he was on cloud nine after the baptism. the best discription he could come up with was that he felt light headed. He bore a powerful testimony at his Baptism about the Book of Mormon. His third time openingin the book he knew it was true from the witness of the Spirit. then he gave my favorite quote of his 'Everything about the gospel is here to make us happy' oh how lucky i am to be a missionary and experience these great things. Then on Sunday we confirmed him. The look he gave us after the confirmation was the Greatest. he looked up at us like we had just poured a bucket of cold water on his head. Complete Awe is all i can come up with. After we lifted him out of his chair he absentmindedly shook our hand and with his mouth still open and eyes wide he walked down to his chair in his own little world. He had a similar look when I ordained him a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood. Later in the day we saw him walking down the road by himself with a smile on his face just enjoying the companionship of the Holy Ghost. ( I love my mission)
Not to end on a bad note but the low point of the week was when i got lost driving back from Ilford and got wrapped up in an intense story Elder J was telling and had my picture taken by a speeding camera.... not happy
Well after reading the email you sent me i feel like i have nothing to complain about. So is there something in the water in QC that is causing and these cancers to come about? Why do people still live there. Am i going to come home and find ya'll with three eyes and four arms from some genetic mutation? (not to make light of the situation.) My Heart is drawn out to Natalie, and the Hahns. They have been such and wonderful support to so many others i guess now it is their turn to recieve that support. Brigg I have a feeling that you wont see this but i love you and im so excited for you to get your call. (I'm praying for England;)
I have to say i have had an amazingly spiritual week. My studies have been bang on (English phrase) and i have just felt the presence of God so near. I know God lives. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings happyness. I know God cares about our families. And I know that through the Gift of the Holy Ghost we can be constantly connected with the Godhead who rule all that is.
Elder Solomon

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