Monday, August 23, 2010

Ok, I have a short time again. We don’t have much of a pday we have a bunch of appointments and will only get three hours to ourselves. I'm emailing right now instead of doing our comp study. So. Thank you to Robin for the work update. I'm so happy everyone there is doing so good! Preston thank you for fillin in for mom you are awesome and I loved that email. Saturday was zone conference, which was awesome, but for some reason they thoroughly covered eternal marriage and then in Sunday school the lesson was also on eternal marriage and I keep thinkin I DONT NEED THUIS RIGHT NOW!!! It’s the last thing I want to think about. But Preston, I want you to know you are living the dream of about 50,000 missionaries right now. You have a fast car, lots of money and a girlfriend that you can actually hold instead of just look at and dream about! Sounds like you had an amazing experience with Elder Andersen! Was it a broadcasted fireside or was he there? I love the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve!

The work is trucking along as usual. For some reason the Bishop here has something against missionaries so we are not having the support we would like from him but we are finding other ways to make it work out. Finding is getting hard again I think people recognize us now and want nothing to do with us again. The beautiful thing that I found out I already knew this week is that the lord gives us commandments then He provides a way for us to keep them. THEN He blesses us for keeping those commandments! It’s a win win situation! Of course He isn’t going to take away our free agency but he will always provide a way to follow Him and support us in those righteous efforts. How is it possible then to fail? During out Elders quorum lesson yesterday our investigator Chris asked how could you lower your Standards? When I was thinking about it I came to the conclusion that the only way someone could possibly lower their standards is when they do not understand the relationship they have with their Father in Heaven. Joseph Smith though and I'll put it in my own words that no one can teach us that relationship. We cannot gain that knowledge by sermon or scripture. The only way we can learn and gain a testimony of our true relationship with our Father is through prayer and personal revelation. As we gain that knowledge or remembrance of that relationship then we will have no more disposition to do evil. That is how we can rise to that next level. That is where we can find the strength to move forward in the right direction. Regain that relationship that was lost with the veil then will you receive a remission of your sins through the reception of the Holy Ghost and then the blessings will be poured from heaven. Quickly the other lesson I learned is Progression can be measured by Opposition. The closer we come the harder it gets but the more strength we receive.

Thanks to Sheldon, Jamie, Taylor and Kassidee, mom and sister Thompson for the letters. You are awe3some.

Elder Brighton