Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy, Healthy, Motivated and Hopeful

Excuse my proper English but... Why the hell have you not opened that flippin mission call?!?!?!?!?!? Do you have any idea what it is going to be like for me to sit here for a week knowing that you found out where Brigg is going on his mission just a few hours AFTER i checked my Email for the week? That is SO not cool. Whatever I'm over it. I'll see him in a few months anyhow (fingers and toes crossed). Yea so we had a great week. I absolutely LOVED conference! I think that the church is genius the way they fixed the breathing tubes into President Packers glasses that was amazing. (The TV we watched it on was super good). My favorite talks were Richard G. Scotts talk. (I've already memorized three scriptures since) and Elder Holland. Did you see Elder L. Whitney Clayton? He came to a leadership conference here just last month and gave that exact same talk (only it was about twice as long) Elder Holland made me want to serve a mission. Did you laugh when President Monson announced the new temple in Provo and the whole conference center gasped? i did. I was most excited about the Temple in Congo. We finaly are going to have a temple in the heart of African. there are so many good saints there that deserve it. So Natalie.... The Golden Goose with the Krissy Kid? Absolutely Solid As! So we watched the Restoration DVD with her. at the end she was a bit silent the said 'I have never felt so F___'n good!' well we then talked about the Spirit. Although she had previously agreed to baptism she told us that she was completely unsure about it. But now She said she is 100% going to go for it! That was such a good lesson! Then this weekend her and Lizette (the Lady for Angola that came to church as an answer to Elder Sheppard prayer) Got a taxi together to conference. I missed a lot of the Sunday morning session (which played live at 5pm) because i was chasing around some little thing that Natalie called Ryan. Any how same as with Susie we promised Natalie that if she brought a question it would be answered. Same as Susie she didn't believe us but still tried it. Same as Susie both her questions we answered, After conference she was begging if she could get baptised any sooner then the previously set date. I love the spirit of revelation. I love that fact that we have prophets and apostles that speak the word of the Lord. I love the Restored Gospel. I love the knowledge that we have. I can not imagine holding a faith that was limited to just the information in the Bible.
So a while back i told you the story about the missionary that wanted to go home and the companionship exchange i had with him? Well super sad news he in catching a plane back to Canada today. I could not help but think about the tragic example that he set to solidify what Elder Holland taught about gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon BEFORE you leave.
Another thought from conference. Preston and Hilary. Sounds like you need to get cracking and get mum and dad some grandchildren (SUCH and weird thought) After Elaine S. Dalton's talk sounds like the first one will be a daughter ;)
I don't know what happened but my studies have continued to be really good lately. I started using the Topical Guide to research different topics that could help my knowledge of the basic principles of the gospel. What a wonderful tool it is. I started a study today about the Atonement. In the Bible Dictionary it gives some key point/steps of the Atonement so I've then began researching theses different points in depth one by one. To say the least its been good.
A while back i got a bit bored with my patriarchal blessing but the other day i was giving it a look over and found something very intresting. Opened my mind to a whole new relm of things and has got me excited to go over it again.
It is amazing how true the Gospel is. Everything thing points to it.
Despite any evidence to the contrary I'm happy, healthy, motivated, and hopeful
Love y'all
Elder Solomon

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