Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The coat

'One night a number of years ago, a newly called missionary named Elder Swan and his Japanese senior companion came to visit our home. Fortunately I was home, so I invited them in. When I greeted them at the door, my eyes were drawn to the coat that Elder Swan was wearing. Without thinking, I said to him, "That sure is a nice coat you are wearing!" However, it wasn’t a new coat, and it was rather faded. I assumed that the coat was one that a previous missionary had left behind in the missionary apartment.

Elder Swan immediately responded to my words, and it was completely the opposite of what I had been thinking. In halting Japanese he replied, "Yes, this is a good coat. My father wore this coat when he served as a missionary in Japan over 20 years ago."

His father had served in the Japan Okayama Mission. And when his son was leaving to serve a mission in Japan, he had given his coat to him. This picture shows that coat that two generations of Elder Swans wore in Japan.

I was touched when I heard Elder Swan’s words. And I now understood why Elder Swan wore his father’s coat while he was proselyting. Elder Swan had embarked on his mission having inherited his father’s love for Japan and its people. '

Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita

Of the Seventy

I have asked mom to send me your old mission winter coat that I decided not to take with me because of vanity. I have changed my mind for two reasons. The above quotation is one of them.


Elder Solomon


Elder Jankowsky, Natalie Harrison and me.

Dearest all,
I LOVE BAPTISMS! It is amazing how my perspective has changed as i have gone through the course of my mission. Baptisms have become sacred event now where I truly recongnize the power of Godliness manifested and feel the Holy Spirit of Promise seal the convenant. I Love watching the Atonement work in peoples lives and change them into 'new creatures' The church is so true!
This week Natalie Harrison was baptised. It was a great event she had many friends and family come and they all enjoyed it. Elder Jankowsky baptised and I confirmed. One of Natalies close friend Ben (who we are now teaching!) described it great when he said. 'i just feel so overwhelmed'. The Spirit of God like a fire was burning! Luckily there was no out of the ordinary happenings like someone cannon balling into the font. Natalie bore her testimony during the service, after the ordinance. a couple of highlights that she said were.
' i'm sure you all are thinking Natalie has lost the plot, but let me tell you i have never been more sane or thought so clearly before in my life'
'the first time i read the Book of Mormon it was like a light coming into my life'
'i have experienced and i know that being cleaned from sin is to be healed spiritually'
these are a few examples of conversion. a second highlight of the week is that Lizete, Natalie and Varan all we extended callings to be ward missionaries. Natalie has really taken this seriously and has already begun teaching (not talking to but setting appointments and teaching) her friends. Also I was blessed with the oppurtunity to bless the sacrament with Varan for his first time. That was cool.
Brothers and Sisters the Church is true and is lead by Jesus Christ Himself, The Saviour of the World, the Only Begotten of the Father, and the Author and Finisher of our faith
So Transfer News!!!! are you ready??? We both are staying in Basildon......................................................................................
................................................................................................................... yea.
so the news took me completly off guard. I was expecting a new companion and was really excited to implement changes that otherwise would be difficult because of the status quo. Well looks like the Lord is trying to teach me courage and integity. Good news though is that because Elder Jankowsky goes home in 5 weeks I will have to be here in Basildon for another transfer after that which means that I'll be here for Christmas!!!!!! YEA!!
Well pray for us that we can find new people to teach cause we have baptised them all!
Love Elder Solomon

Add to the list of things to send me... Dad's old winter coat from his mission. I gave my new winter coat to a missionary from Brazil ( he and his family don't have any money).

P.S. Brigg there is a stupid misused quote that goes around from Spencer W. Kimble. He was at youth conference in Brazil I think talking about how young men need to lock there hearts before they go on there mission so that they do not 'fall in love' on there mission. in it he said something along the lines of 'lock your heart so that no one can get in and if you already have a girl in there lock her in' I have seen in the short time i've been a missionary that the best course to take is to yes lock you heart from any affections but dont leave anyone in there. You can not serve the Lord with all your heart if you have someone 'locked' in there. You can not reach the full potential the Lord has for you as a missionary and for your life if you keep one foot in the field and one at home. It can not be done. I'm sure you don't need this advice but i strongly feel this way because right now I'm haveing to suffer the consequences of a companion who only has one foot in the mission.
P.P.S Sheldon congrats!!! You little stud you :)