Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How cool is that?

Hey real quick note. You email was awesome!

So I remembered that my emails get sent to the blog so I decided to give everyone an update on my Christmas... It was freakin awesome!! We stayed with the Pratt family who are an American family working for the military. I had a great time being a kid again opening the packages that I got from home. I think the best present I got was a highlighter actually used by Zack [my cousin Zack Manis, is serving a mission in Brazil]! I could not believe my luck. Between the package from work and the package from home I think I have like 12 lost and found golf balls! I laughed so hard when I tipped over my stocking and a bunch went bouncing across the floor. We had a great time all day watching movies and making ginger bread (graham cracker) houses and eating a wonderful Christmas dinner. Best part was talking to my family on Skype as seeing that they all were doing so well. I love the mission and know it is right where I need to be!

It was so good to get to talk to you all. It really helped me get energized for the work and help lessen the homesickness. I'm so glad that all of you are doing so well and looking so good! It was so good for me to get to bear my testimony. I really felt the spirit testify that what I was saying was true. I really have needed that for a while. Mom, the BYU bookstore package has arrived and I will be getting it from my district leader latter tonight I haven’t heard about any of the other packages though. I should be going into London on the eighth so I will have to check then. So I need a huge favor for you guys... I need to know the collar size for Brigg and Sheldon. The January sales are coming right quick so I need to get them there new Sunday shirts:) Brigg I will be sending home some notes but I’m going to look for the best ones copy them and then send them home. Oh, yea mom Brother Pratt's dad will be coming to Bedford in February. He lives in Buckeye and he (Bro. Pratt’s dad) said that if you would like to send anything to me to let him know and he will take it. So if you want to take him up on that offer just let me or Brother Pratt know and we will pass the message along and we will be able to figure something out. I will be sending stuff home with him... its brown and sweet if that gives you a hint:). So, I have decided to change our focus and we will be working on visiting every one in the ward, so I’m hoping to find some new people to teach that way! I got a call from Elder Tangulanu last night. Remember that training that I gave like four days into the mission field? The one that I was all nervous for cause it was the whole zone including the A.P’s? Well, at the time he was one of the district leaders and he remembered it this whole time and asked that I give the same training in our next coming district meeting. How cool it that?! I’m really glad that I kept those notes for it! I was reading 3 Nephi 27 today. That is such a good chapter. The Saviour teaches so many pure doctrine points. He even talks about record keeping.


Elder Solomon