Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hey for my spiritual thought for the week i thought i would send you a letter i typed our to send to a recent convert
You choose.

Dear Lizete,
Hey I had a few extra minutes in the office today so I thought that I would write you a quick letter.  I am doing very well.  As you know I am serving in central London in a ward that is strictly young single adults. It is so much fun! (Not to say that serving in your ward was not fun for me). I have kind of been out of the social loop for a while. I have spent most of my time with people that are a bit older than me and I have seemingly forgotten how to interact with people my own age. Naturally it has been a bit awkward adjusting to the new area and interacting with the YSA but now I’m getting the hang of it.  We live in South Kensington just a ten minute walk from the Natural History Museum. Imperial College is also really close to us. We spend most of our time walking around the campus and talking to the students. Imperial College is a very famous college, one of the top five in the world, so they have some of the most brilliant students in the world. They seem to come from all over the world. I have meet people from America to Iraq, China to Norway.  We have very interesting conversations; I have learned a lot of great things form these smart people. It is sad that many of them believe that God cannot exist because science does not give supporting evidence.  I am often reminded of the Lords counsel when he says ‘But to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God.’ It seems like these students who have no religious beliefs but have tons of brains live a bit of a hollow life. However I have seen how on the flip side having a relationship with God makes life all the more fulfilling.  The other day we stopped a young student from China who did not believe in God but ‘believed in science’ (as if there was some kind of contradiction). We took a few moments with him to discuss how religion and science co-exist. He felt the Spirit testify of truth. He accepted our invitation to pray. We are now teaching Joe on a regular basis and each time I see him his faith is growing in leaps and bounds! Just as yours did as I taught you. Now he is preparing to be baptized. Last time I saw him he testified that if we follow what God tells us we will be happy, and safe. I want to echo Joe’s testimony. I know that as we follow the teachings of God as found in the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and as given by modern day prophets, we will be safe, safe from debilitating doubt, safe from crippling sin, and safe from the ever enticing lures of temptation.  I know that Christ gives us the grace that we need to succeed. I know that through his Atonement we all can be cleansed of our sins and resurrected. I know that families can be together forever and I know that God loves us.
May our Father in Heaven watch over you.
May you ever be diligent in honoring your baptismal covenants.
Elder Solomon


Hello Family,
What an wonderful E-mail. A week later I hope that you all are recovered from London's Run. I am really sad that I was not able to be there for it. I have enjoyed so much being involved with the Run and the organization. It was such a great learning experience for me. You can add my name to the list of people truly touched by the event.
Speaking of running I have a funny/weird story to tell ya'll. Last preperation day we went and played football and I took off my shoes and ran around in the mud bare foot. Remember that story? Well it is not over. I completly and thoughroughly enjoyed being so free. For me it was great to feel the mud squeezing through my toes and sticking to my feet. Their is something spritual (for me) about it all. (don't think I'm wierd I promise I'm not going to start danceing in the woods nacked). Anyways the impact of this experience have not been positive. So heath-wise I'm great but psycologically I'm not. This week we had to do a ton of reports in the office. I've spend tons of time infront of this stupid computer that I'm going to get square eyes. It has been really hard for me to get a hold of it all. So I've began haveing mild attacks of frustration and anxiety. I don't know where it comes from but it starts with my feet and kinda goes throughout my body. As soon as I take off my shoes it leaves. As soon as I put them back on it comes back! I swear! Just like my twitching finger! So now whenever I am in the office I just kick off my shoes and whenever I leave the office I grit my teeth, make and ugly face and put them back on.
One of my previous companions (Elder Sheppard) is in our ward and we take him out teaching all the time. What a great person. It is so crazy that the friendship you build on your mission are so very strong. We had a Zone Leader Council today with plenty of good experiences. President Patch is amazing, totally inspired. Anyhow we gave a training about how unity and good examples as leaders will help lift the mission. I don't remember what point I was makeing and I shared a comment dad has shared with me a lot. I explained about QCHS never getting past the quarter finals  then said 'If the fish stinks look at the head'. My point was misunderstood and President asked from behind us. 'do you want me to leave for this one?'... so embarrasing.
Hey Its snowing right now! first time this year... bit late huh?
WEll have a good week!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I changed my mind.

Hey i had a good think about it. I want you all to come pick me up. Remember making the plans that my visa expires on the 28th i think?