Monday, November 1, 2010

Life is Amazing!

Me and Angel Rickard
My Pumpkin...get it?
Big Ben

November 1, 2010

Life is amazing! Angel Rickard got baptized this week, which makes the first person I officially taught as a missionary to be baptized. Of course it didn’t count as a convert baptism but still it was really cool. The Peruvian family is doing really good. The Anstice children are amazing and I have figured out how to work with them. It is the easiest thing. I am just myself! I have just begun to act like the teenager that I still am and we get along now! Of course I refrain from certain things cause I still am a representative of Christ but I have found how to keep their attention and motivate them selves. I was having a chat with Chris the oldest son walking back from the church the other night after an activity there and he explained how the missionaries use to come around but they hated it because they were SO boring. Then the 13 year old told me how she use to stay at school extra long cause she knew that the 'Mormons' would be at her house that night. It is amazing how people can get more excited about the gospel when it is relevant to them! We have started reading with them from the war chapters, which are a bit more excited then, the allegory of the olive tree. Elder Engelbrektsson and I have been able to masterfully weave in spiritual messages amidst all the gore and blood shed of the stories. The other night I almost shouted for joy when I walked in to the house and saw Tiffany (13) with the Book of Mormon open on her lap looking for the answer to the question I had left them with! It is our plan to slowly introduce more the spiritually uplifting chapters once they are a bit more excited about reading the Book of Mormon. I can’t wait to keep working with them.

My heart dropped when I heard about Brigg’s knee. What a shame but I do know that miracles do happen. Look at me the doctors told me that after my junior year of football I would need surgery to fix my ACL then after the season the MRI showed that my knee was perfectly health. You have my prayers little bro. Ok I will think of my Christmas list as soon as you send my yours:) Sheldon good luck at state! Knock them dead in that flashy Speedo of yours! Kallen called me from the mission home of Friday and I got to chat with him for a bit it was soo good I'm so happy that he is getting ready to go on a mission. Thank you for the package but it will probably sit in the office for another two weeks before I can travel in there. I noticed this week that my body has become conditioned to constant work. I almost went crazy when I had to waste an hour waiting for a train. Two years is too short to idle away time. I am going to do better at that.

As always I love you all and hope and pray for the very best for you! Always remember there are greater things to come!

Much love,

Elder Solomon

P.S. So in my spare time I have begun to pursue one of my dreams. I'm writing a story that I will publish and make millions. OK, maybe it won’t be that good but I’ll send it home when I can and let you judge for yourself.