Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The new Deal

So I'm emailing a day late because we have transfers this week and so p-day is on Tuesday so we can get pack. So absolutely nothing happened this week. AT ALL! We didn’t work really hard but had plenty of dinner appointments. I eat Nigerian food, Indian, Pakistani, and actually got a real English roast dinner! It was awesome we had so much fun saying goodbye to everyone. Sister Ola even took us all out to an all you can eat Chinese buffet, which was really nice of her. She is so awesome. She got me a how to speak Polish book with a cd and is going to get me an English to Polish dictionary. She really is going over board. So I told her how my Polish comes from Nana. I guess she is going to Poland in a couple of weeks and want to get Nana something from there and have me send it to her? Can someone find out from Nana what she would like from Poland and let me know? She keeps asking me about it! So transfer calls came and my area is getting shut down... Sister Ola cried when Elder Koppe told her. But its all good cause Elder Koppe and I are going to Kent. He is going to be my zone leader and my new area is Deal, which covers Dover and the white cliffs!! I'm so excited this was the one place that I really wanted to go and I heard that they had 4 baptisms this last weekend! My companion will be Elder Hansen. From what I have heard he is German, which means letter of the law.... I guess that’s what I need. It’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait!

So I had Peter (a premissionary from Slovakia) go and take some music off the ipod and he completely screwed it all up... so I'm going to have fun with that. I'm going to miss LEa Valley and actually being in London, but I cannot wait to get out to the countryside. I guess I’ll have a car and that I will be driving too!!!! Elder Gallagher served there a while ago and he says that it is amazing. I can’t wait to see it for myself! And they have the biggest shower in the mission. Just FYI. We have one last dinner appointment with Asha tonight and I can’t wait for it. It’s going to be sad but so good at the same time.

Ok, so the pictures are of us at Ashas with Elder Boer (Italy), Elder Polutu( Gilbert/Tonga, Asha and her partner TK.
There is also a pic with Elders Koppe, Ho Kum, Gallagher, Solomon with Sisters Temmi, Leanda and some other ym.
A picture of the mission president’s car
My new handwriting
And the Hyde Park zone

I didn’t get any mail this week so thanks to no one in that regard but thank you Taylor for sending me your baptism pics!! I can’t wait to get your other letter

Elder Solomon