Monday, January 2, 2012


If i could describe this week with a geological feature it would be a volcano. Volcano's are amazing. they are constantly moving growing and evolving. the volcanic ash can kill off civilizations and at the same time provide the most fertile soil the earth has ever seen. Also volcano's are know for their violent eruptions. I don't know why but i have had a building pressure of frustration recently in my life. This week there was a few preliminary tremors, and eruption and after post eruption tremors. Nothing serious at the worst I broke a dysfunctional pen by throwing it at the wall. I've learned a few good lessons though. I have learned that I need greater patience and humility. I have learned how to study the scriptures (took long enough eh?) and I have learned some important principles about how God works with us. I don't remember who said it but i remember someone telling me that the scriputres are very specific with their phraseology, for a specific reason. The Lord knows the reason and it is up to us to find that reason. then they gave me an example 'for instance why did the Lord say line upon line precept upon precept instead of precept upon precept and line upon line?' I left the question at that and didn't think much about it but treasured the lesson of the importance of scriptural wording. Well this week i was studying 2 Nephi 28:30-31, and I learned the reason why. So the Lord teaches us by degrees, milk before meat. He gives us understanding and light as we are able to comprehend it. this is the line upon line. He gives us knowledge and teaches us until we understand the principles of the gospel. 'knowledge is power' Sir Francis Bacon is one of my favorite quotes I quote it all the time. but why is knowledge power? Because the greater the knowledge the greater the ability to act. I remember growing up with dad working on the weekends. At times there was frustration because my dad would ask me to do a rather simple task. I would hum and ha about and never get started and sometimes if i did start i never finished. most of the time it was because i didn't understand his instructions or understand how he wanted something done. I did not have the power (or did not perceive it in myself) therefore I felt that I did not have the power to act. Knowledge is the power to act. Lines proceed precepts. A precept is a rule of behavior. God teaches us the principle an then teaches us how at act and apply that principle. Then as we do so we receive and new line. line upon line, line upon line, precept upon precept, precept upon precept. I'm out of time I guess I'll just have to pontificate next week. Brigg Love brother enjoy the MTC sounds like it is just one big party. Sheldon I'm so happy you are my brother. Your a good kid and I am grateful for the influences you have had on me.

Love Elder Solomon