Monday, September 19, 2011

New glasses, new companion

Hey Ya'all
Tell you what i had a great week. It was really sad to see Elder Sheppard off. I'm not sure if I have be more insynch with anyother companions then with him. But he had to go the way off all the earth. My new companion is the perfect foil character for Richard Sheppard. Elder Jankowsky's name is Polish FYI but his family has been in Austria for 5 generations now. He is the youngest in his family and followed the family tradition and played as a proffesional footballer (soccer player). He has more confidence then anyone i've every seen and is immune to social barriers. some times this causes offences but more then not it gets the desired result. He has perfected the flirt to convert method and has a powerful testimony. I think i have a lot to learn from him. He refers to me as a Work-oholic and often will sit back and watch me stop people. im not to bothered about that cause he isnt my first companion to do that. What does bother me is that the whole time im working i dont see any positve results but when he does help me that is the time that we do see results. I really dont understand why i am such a bad finder. I think i have it figured out though. If i work as hard as i can a miracle will happen and we have success just not from our own efforts. I can just see Heavenly Father sitting up there watching me. shakeing His head in pity saying 'Well Elder Solomon is working hard. Lets throw him a bone' However it works out. Fine. as long as people are getting baptised. We have baptism coming up this week!! Im a bit nervous cause i will be baptising him. Varan is his short name He is from Sri Lanka so his name will be something rediculous live Sarvasvaran Navaranthi. Anyhow im honored to do it. he has been taught for a while but has progessed the most these past couple of months since he decided to quite smoking.
you'll never guess what happened this week. I blew out another pair of Trousers. Just today I was climbing over a chair and slipped when my companion nugged me. split the seam from the bottom of the zipper to half way up the butt. I'm not impressed that is the third suit i have ruined so far. My comp has a nasty brown suit that i think i will buy for £20 from him.. so What colors go with brown? I have officially walked through both pairs of shoes that i came out with now and have accumilated more ties that i would wear in a year when i go home. So i fit in the ranks witht he rest of the seasoned missionaries. Oh by the way did i tell you that i had to get glasses? Since my junior year of football when i got knocked out when i blized on a pass play and the FB pick me up, my eyes have gotten worse at night. well when i started driving i noticed that i could not read street signs because of the glare. so i got some glasses. So yea almost everything about Elder Solomon is changing.
Well that work is going great we have 5 people now that we are preparing for baptism. Super cool.
Brigg I hope and pray that you can get into the mission field as soon as possible but at the same time i hope to see you again before you come home in two years so pray that you can come to the ELM!
Sheldon love you bud! keep working hard. remember to focus on the important things. Hey how is dive going? i havent gotten any updates.
Will some one please give grandma and nana a hug for me? also apologize for me for not writing them back.
Cheers Elder Solomon:)

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