Monday, November 14, 2011

Funny Feeling

I have a horrible confession to make. I think I might be the worst son in the world. I completely forgot the significance of yesterday. I woke up thinking, 'today is important... but why' I knew that it was some one's birthday but I just couldn't remember who. So I just decided it must have been a girlfriend from years past or something then put it out of my mind. Well I think I had a guardian angel around me for the remainder of the day constantly trying to get the attention/remembrance that she deserved. Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday. Its a bit like Memorial Day for us. It was a day to honour those who had served in the military and remember those who had died. I really felt something special as our Bishop talked about families being reunited. I remembered Grandpa (who also seems to be on my mind alot) during the two minute of silence that we had in sacrament meeting. Well after church we went and had a roast dinner and trifle ( Dad you're drooling) at a less actives home and we happened (unplanned but inspired) to watch Together Forever which is a church video about eternal families made in the 80's. Again I was struck and felt the solemness of the idea and the joy of the prospect. Well finally we taught one last lesson (with Ben and Natalie) in the evening and we began just talking about life, death and Gods intervention. I was sharing all my infinite wisdom (it took about ten minutes) and during it all I talked about how our Heavenly Father used the opportunity to teach me some very important lessons and how through it all I gained a testimony and understood the importance of having an eternal perspective. You would think that by this time it would click in my thick head what day it was ( I actually mentioned in the lesson that I had this funny feeling that that day was significant but I just couldn't remember who's birthday it was). Well it was not until got home that i received a call from Bishop Nichols. His wife had been on Face book and say moms status and then learned about London. ( I don't tell everyone.... in fact I don't tell most companions about it) Well he just called to see how I was doing and if i was having a good day and then we talked about it a little bit. After the phone call I was surprised and a bit confused. I didn't understand why the normal gut wrenching heartache typical of this time of year was absent. I kept wondering if there was something wrong with me because I wasn't feeling to sad or empty. While I was thus pondering my own words came back to my head from the earlier lesson with Ben and Natalie about eternal perspective and then the stupid tune from the eighties movie ran from one ear to the other 'We can be together forever someday. we can be together forever some day.' Then I learned that the very result that I have been desiring for the people of England has been realized in my life. Through living the gospel and learning the teaching of The Church of Jesus Christ restored again on the earth but most importantly through the Atonement of Christ I have been healed spiritually and emotionally. All that was unfair about the event had been made right. All the grief and pain had been 'swallowed up in the joy of Christ'. All despair was replaced with a brilliant hope and a calm assurance that families can be together forever. I hope to prove faithful.
Anyways missionary update. The work is great!! Ben finally was able to come to church and fit right in! I was so proud that whenever someone threw out a scripture he could find it on his own. I was also so proud of the Recent Converts we have a good handful of them now! The Investigator class (gospel essentials) is getting quite full and it seemed like whenever any of them would open their mouths they came out with the greatest answer. I think the best was when our WML asked Ben and question and he answered it by refering to a scripture story in the Book of Mormon... SO GOOD!! Well after church we had a Ward Missionary Training Meeting which was awesome then they set apart six new Ward missionaries. It was amazing! Some really great things are going to be happening in the Basildon Ward and it is all because the Lord is pouring out blessings and the Ward members are full of Faith...
I love the experience that the Lord is blessing me with right now. I'm so gratefull for all the wonderful people I get to meet and I'm so gratefull for the person the Lord is helping me become.
Love You all!
Elder Solomon
Brigg Loved your email!
Sheldon Congrats bud!!!

Dad i had fish and chips today.... it was great plenty of salt and vinegar