Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elder J counting down

Elder Jankowski and Ben Beechey
Monique Plane
Ties made out of wood!

Hey Y'all,
(I'm still a bit of a hick)
It seems like this whole week i have had a clock ticking away constantly reminding me that soon Elder Jankowsky will be leaving. After three months I'm not sure how I feel. He has been a great missionary and has left a great impact on the people he has served, served with, and around. But is time that he go. I was really sad to har about the Mustang, but all is vanity at the end of the day. However I am really happy that Sheldon was ok, that looked like a nasty wreck. Inpatient drivers suck. They do no good to anyone includeing themselves. Well Brigg you have about fifteen days left. That is crazy!! I got permission to call Brigg before he leaves. When would be the best time? Could you call me on your way to the airport or something? Also since you are going to be home for Christmas ( thats a wierd thought) Can you fix the skype? I'm going to try to skype from bishop nicholls house.
Ok let me tell you about my life. This last week was pretty cool. Unfortunatly the focus was a bit distracted due to upcomeing departures but we still had out baptisms!!! Ben Beechey and Monique Plane were baptised on Saturday. The service was a bit crazy (started half hour late) but the ordinances were great! I forgot to turn off the font water so it overflowed when Ben was baptised but that was just a minor detail. Ben has a great story. We first met him at Natalies second lesson. He was there for all of her lessons and at her baptism he really felt something different. He quite smokeing that and wanted lessons for him self. At our first proper lesson with him we invited him to be baptised. After a long pause he gave the best answer ever. 'You know, i've been thinking about it and praying about it and I really think I'll be ready to be baptised on the 3rd of December.' We had no complaints. He has been solid ever since. He loves reading the Book of Mormon even though he is a dyslexic. On Sunday he asked me to confirm him and then he also asked me to confer on him the priesthood. That was a realy cool experience. Monique is just so lovely. She is twenty and has a four month old baby. This baby has been the greatest tool for fellowhipping. every mother or want to be mother is just queing up to hold him. When we first contacted monique we thought she was already a member of our church but when we had our first appointment with her she told us 'I've always wanted to be baptised but i just haven't known how.' Well we could help her out with that no problem. She progressed at a steady pace and a she began reading the book of mormon she really came to feel that these things were ght. she said last night that she cant understand why no other christian churches dont have a temple. Whichi reminds me. Bishop and our awesome Welsh Ward Mission Leader have organized that all the new members are going to do baptisms for the dead tomorrow. I'm So excited for them! Sunday evening was the stake christmas choir concert in Romford. It was incedible! I completly enjoyed it even if I had Natalies kids slobering all over my trousers and shoving biscits in my mouth like i was some kind of parrot. At the end our new stake president had all the full time missionaries stand and told the whole congregation that instead of appaluding the choir to show appreiciation they should invite the missionaries into there home. That was really cool.
Moves calls brought some intesting news. My new companion will be Elder Potts form Pennsilvania. Elder Potts and a bit of some kind of mental break down about six months into his mission. He is coming from and area called Kings Lynn. In Kings Lynn is a church phycologist who is really good at helping missionaries. Elder Potts has been there for Six months now. I have no idea what to expect. I have no idea what the Lord wants me to learn. I have no idea even about what i think! Christmas holidays are great and im excited for all lthe jollyness.

Be Good!
Elder Solomon