Sunday, February 19, 2012

Had a cool experience this morning. I was is Basildon yesterday... story for later, we switched back this morning. We dropped off you stuff at the flat and then were going to head to the office to email. On the way we ran into a group of students from Boston University on their way to Hyde Park to play some football. We invited ourselves, changed and joined them. It was so good to throw around the ole pig skin. Very first play, defense picked it off. Second play offense touchdown. i felt really cool. As we were playing with this group of Americans I remember/realized how nice and friendly Americans are. Everyone seemed to be generally happy, positive and complementary. A stark difference to the sarcastic cold shoulders that I have gotten use to and even grown to love. It only got a bit awkward (for me at least) when one of the girls caught the ball and it was just me between her and the endzone..... I timed it perfect and touched her billowing shirt as she passed. Dodged the bullet and saved the day.
Any how business items. I would like to spend the day on Sunday in Basildon ( maybe Saturday also) Lizete wants to feed you and I'm sure Bishop Nicholls would as well. One day in Hayes. Dover would be nice to visit for half a day. I would also LOVE to visit the temple and go to family history sites in Cornwall. I have seen all the sights in London (more or less) Ya'll can decide on what you want to see there. Let me know so that I can serve as a tour guide (might need some preparation). I'm so excited for yous to come!
Ok we had a great week. We had our interviews with President Patch. They were speed interviews (5-10mins). This came from the mission dept. supposibly they want missionaries to be more self sufficent. Also they cut the number of interviews and Zone Conferences from 17 in a mission to 7-8. anyhow I have found that with President Patch you can make interviews really long if you become the interviewer and ask him good questions. We had a great chat about haveing a change of heart. I learned so much. He is so wise. He is one of those people that when you are around him you just want to be better, even if he doesn't say anything. I want to be like that. 
Events this week..... I spent some time in Whitechapel area with Elder Alarcon (from Mexico City) Had a great time, he would make the perfect little brother. Whitechapel is one of the roughest area in London. Although guns are outlawed over here we heard a couple of gun shots at night. At one point we were walking through a subway (pedestrian underpass) and I notices a dried puddle of blood. a few steps latter I saw another one then splatter marks all over the wall next to it...... I was glad that the sun was up and I could get out of there quick. He made me some nice quesadillas, proper Mexican style. (not really we only had sandwich ham, white cheddar cheese, and chinese sweet chilli sauce.) I had some really cool experiences when I went back to Basildon for an exchange. I was there with my replacement (Elder Bierberg from Swenden) On the train ride there I kinda dosed off and this place I went to once flashed into my mind. I was 100% awake and I knew we had to visit it. I then asked 'which house number'. I looked out the window and saw a sign that said 12 and felt really good about it. I thought about it a bit more and realised I didn't know the street name or how to get there. Then the thought came, 'when you look at the map you will know. So we spent the next couple of hours in town centre (put that story on hold). While there we set up 4 potential appointments. which is usually what you can do in about 20-23 hours of finding. With a half hour left to go we said a prayer and asked the Lord to help us find one more person. After the prayer the very next person that we talked to was intrested! How cool is that. Then we saw a Lizete and Geoff (who are doing great) finally we had some time. I told Elder Beirberg about my train revelation. He agreed that we should go. So not knowing where to go I looked at a map. Then I found it Charter House. It was like it was written in red ink it stood out so much to me. Long story short we went by and contacted him. He was cool and wanted us to come by some other time.
I know that the Lord directs our paths and was we follow them things work out for the best "Man's going are of the Lord; how can a man then understand his own way?' Proverbs 20:24
 Love you all
Can't believe I'm 21 feakin years old

Elder Brighton Solomon
England London Mission 
64-68 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road