Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok, let me clear my name. We only went to Toys R Us on p-day and got one board game. Anyhow, this week was great. I spent three days with Elder Tangilanu on a work over then I spent three days in Bletchley on another work over with Elder Paramilgam (Swiss). It was a funny situation. Elder Rallison went down to London with Elder Paramilgam's companion for a baptism of an old investigator. We were supposed to switch back after the day, but because of transportation issues we did not switch back until yesterday. So I was out of my area for three days and missed my own church! It was crazy but really fun. They have bikes in Bletchely and I was quickly reminded that it has been like ten years since I legitimately rode a bicycle. So let’s just say I am a little bit saddle sore. Suit trousers are not the same as bike shorts.

Anyhow, we had dinner at the Pratt’s again last night. It was amazing we had buffalo meat burgers and chili cheese dip. The funny thing was I was by my self. We were helping a different family move and we all got locked outside the house so because of lack of seats my companion decided that we go on splits so they could go pick someone up that could get them in. It was terribly weird. We got our moves calls last night at about 1100. Crazy things. They are moving both Elder Rallison and myself out of Bedford and will replace us with sisters. We have to be ready to go by ten o'clock this morning. Crazy crazy. I'm so excited though for them they are going to have a great time here. I can tell that they will have success.

So now for the big news. I'm going to Ilford in London with the famous Elder Scruggs (my now 6th companion). Although he is two days younger then me he has been on his mission for 18 months now. Probably the one of the hardest working missionaries in the mission and one of the most successful. I'm going from one extreme to the next. Supposedly I will be walking into five. That’s 5 baptisms this Saturday! Ilford is also famous for being the busiest area in the mission with almost weekly baptisms. I'm so excited!!!

I'm glad that all is going well with London’s Run. It’s a good thing to do. Hopefully it is worth all the stress it causes. Oh, so since I'm moving from Bedford I’m not sure if you want to still send a package via Brother Pratt’s parents. It can happen they would just give the package to the sisters and then they would give it to the zone leaders who would give it to my zone leaders who then would give it to me. If that is what you want to do just let me know and I will give you the Senior Pratt’s address and phone number. I would give it to you now but it is in my bag, which I left in Bletchley and am hoping to get tomorrow.

Sheldon- I cannot believe that you are dating.... LOOK OUT!!!! Brigg- I'm happy that you are just Brigg cause that is the best person Brigg can be. So I got that other package. Thank you for the thermals that are amazing. Actually I'm wearing a pair of them right now...mmmm nice and warm. But the cds did not work :( but that is ok. Here is the deal, now I don’t have a cd player or the ipod thing but Elder Gallagher did give me a digital picture frame which plays mp3 songs so on one of my memory cards I have saved conference talks and the few songs that I could get a hold of on lds.org so I was wondering if when you send me another memory card you could just put some church songs (mo-tab and such) on it then in can just transfer the songs to my picture frame and listen to it while I look at your beautiful faces? That would be awesome. I'm sure that my next email will be much more full with cool stories and strong testimony but to be honesty I'm a bit stressed with the moves now so cant really think about it all.