Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is Amazing!

it was so good to hear from y'all this week. dad i really enjoyed your email! i had to laugh when you told me about Preston and Hilary's dog. it sounded like it was something you weren't to bothered about but mom said to mention it then you did then you talked about Brigg's new pig as if it was the coolest thing that had happened this week! I was surprised at how sad i was to hear about the Forrest fire.... that sucks you mentioned that the hikers dogs were like fried chicken and i got hungry.

We have had a really good week this week. i had a companion exchange one day with the current assistant to the president. the reason for it he said was to have the 'birds and the bees talk'. i was confused until he told me in not so many words that I'm going to be training. i kinda rolled my eyes and said to myself 'not this again, watch i going to have another dying companion next transfer.' let me share with you some of the high points and low points of the week

Amber had her roof collapse on her and had to miss an appointment cause she wasn't feeling well.:(

Amber has been trying to give up tea and coffee for a couple of weeks now with out us teaching the word of wisdom cause she wants to be baptized. :)

Amber went to Greece for the week:(

June passed her baptism interview and is geared up for her baptism this Saturday:)

We don't have a baptism dress big enough for June:/

Susie passed her baptism interview and is ready for this Saturday:)

Susie told her mother (who is completely against her being baptised) that she would rather obey God's commandments then make her mom happy:)

One of my favorite investigators has been disowned by her family for turning her arranged marriage husband in for beating her :(

Bishop gave us a huge complement in PEC for how well we are doing.:)

President Patch invited Barett (Junes son) to be baptised and now he is more determined to work for it.:)

One of our Recent Converts from Iran brought her husband to church for the first time and now he wants to be baptised.:)

A Chinese student stopped me in the street and asked me if i could teach him about God.:)

This Chinese student wont be back from China until September:(

and the end of the day we had a really good week. Bearing in mind that incremental progress brings great success let us press forward searching for ways to accomplish our tasks rather then allow excuses to facilitate failure.

Love you all!

Elder Solomon