Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First week in the MTC

Hello all!

Mom, I was so excited to get your email but a little sad that that was all I received! Oh well, today was the first time I even thought about any one from the states anyhow. So lets start with Thursday/Friday, which ended up being all one day! So I left Phoenix with Elder Farnsworth and Elder Wright from Mesa who are both going to different missions. At the airport in Atlanta we met up with 35 other missionaries from Utah and headed out on a redeye flight to England! I couldn’t sleep the whole ride I was so excited! Elder Seigel who sat next to me was 6'10"! So there was nothing but gangly arms and legs allover the place. If he wasn’t in the MTC I would say that he was high all the time but I guess that is just his personality! So when we got here [to Manchester] we hopped into the white bus and shipped to the MTC [in Preston] where we went for a tour and were meet by the presidency. We all had interviews then finally at 9:00 we were put into companionships and districts. I was call as the district leader for the Moroni district and I have had and awesome experience with it! My companion is Elder Palmer from Heber, Utah who is going to London South. The presidency said that this is the biggest group of missionaries they have ever had representing 11 states and 7 different countries!

One friend I have made is Elder Tonga from the north island of New Zealand! He told me the other day in breakfast, “The harder you eat the harder you work!” and lets just say he is a hard worker! He also is a dl. [District leader]. We have had the Spirit in such abundance here that I swear they have and animal care center for dogs in the basement! I go from meeting to meeting being lifted more and more! Sunday was real special. The whole theme was the restoration and the Prophet Joseph Smith. I didn’t learn anything that I haven’t known but the spirit has born testimony so strongly that it would be impossible to even think about questioning the truth of the gospel restored! Also, yesterday we had a devotional on temples and President Clegg and his wife spoke about some amazing experiences that they all had. Me retelling the stories would not do them justice! I wish I had more then half an hour to type because I feel all flustered that I can’t tell you every thing and I’m sure I’m forgetting the most important things.

The food is hit and miss. But I did have my first fish and chips and I must say it was quite enjoyable! The English are a different breed and do things much different from us! But I love them. The spirit is real and the promise in D&C 100:6 is true. I have learned so much already I wish I could tell you it all. Inspiration is real and I pray that I may always be worthy to receive it cause you never know when you might save someone’s life, or more importantly, their salvation. This Friday we go to Manchester Square and get to do street contacting I’m so excited. Quick story: I talk in the sleep and the other night I guess I didn’t know where I was and used some fool language quite loudly!

Love you all! England has been prepared for me now it’s my turn not to let them down!


Elder Solomon