Monday, October 10, 2011

Press Forward Saints

9 Walnut Close
Laindon, Basildon
Essex ss14 2ds
There, Happy?!
OK it was so good to get your email. I love how at the beginning you told me how boring and mundane your life is then proceed to tell me all these wonderful things that have been happening. I could not help but note in Nana's email that Jel and Ryan built some new steps at the pond at the Cabin. HOW EXCITING!!!! I always found it difficult to take that awkwardly big step from the top of the bricks to the pond edge. I was always a bit nervous cause if I did it unbalanced I would end up head first into that crystal clear blue water staring at the equally surprised goldfish and blue gills. Sheldon's Dive competition and Brigg's mission call were cool too ( i guess). So that's a bit amazing. Sheldon are you on a club or something or was QC invited to a USA Dive meet? Synchronised diving always amazed me. Think about it two men in perfect harmony gracefully falling into water striving for complete unity in their splash. (the Chinese were always the best weren't they?) So i was thinking about it. Preston served in North America (kinda), I'm on a island near Europe (which is part of the EU) and Brigg is going to South America ( I still don't know where Salta is and why the heck you are speaking French) So Sheldon you might have to prepare yourself to go to either Asia or Africa. In all honesty I can see you serving in the Oriental, you would be so good for those cute little squinted eyed geniuses. You'd probably bring one home with you, marry her and have freak little children that win the Olympics at age 15. (I'm so excited for the Olympics!!!) Brigg exciting news!!! Your going on a mission!!! for 24 full months you get to serve the Lord with all your heart might mind and strength!! Please learn before you go the lesson that took me to long to learn 'The way of a fool is right in his own eyes; but he that hearkeneth to council is wise' Proverbs 12:15
OK So who wants to hear about BasVEGAS? Its rocking basically. Lizette and Charlie are super good totally ready for baptism this weekend oh yea!! Lizette found some unfavourable junk on the Internet but she is still good as ever. She has asked that I baptise her. I feel so honoured, it is such a privilege to administer a saving ordinance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a child of God. Natalie is doing fantastic. Baptism can not come soon enough for her, she is like a sponge that just can't soak up enough of the gospel. Gospel Principles class is great. everyone that we teach gathers in there and we have a lesson. well they all are use to having 100% of the missionaries attention so in the class they all seem to be fitting for our attention and approval. Its like that in every ward. Oh the joys of a mission. We had a leadership meeting this weekend which was great. President Patch and the Assistants focused their trainings on D&C 123 which was really touching for me.
Well i love you all and wish you a happy fruitful week. Feast on the words and be filled!
Peace and Prosperity
Elder Solomon
ps i get to call early in december before Brigg ships off!!!