Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drunks can enjoy church too!

Ok, so sorry for not emailing again this week. On p-day we had a special zone meeting with President Patch then I had to get my required 3 hours of driver training so I can drive now. Then the library was closed so I couldn’t do my emailing. Life is great and the work is progressing. we have had two investigators come to church over the past two weeks. Although they both were drunk they said they enjoyed church. I got a letter form Elder Matthews in the Birmingham Mission (Brock Matthews, Linden’s boy) and finally I got one from Elder Edwards in Peru. It was so good to hear from them and that they are doing well. It’s been weird taking over an area. I'm used to just following my companion around and then testifying when I need to. Since I have been in the area longer then Elder Enenkel he relies on me to make all the decisions on where to go who to see and what to teach. It’s been stressful but good. It has really forced me to be more observant too. Well, I better get back to out progress record for the week.

Sheldon congrats on being a priest! Little by little you are getting there. Now remember, it is in the priest quorum that every missionary should learn the doctrine and principles of the lessons then it is in the mission prep classes and the MTC that they learn how to teach. Make Preach My Gospel your best friend. Practice teaching principles in Family Home Evening. That goes for you to Brigg... especially you.

Ya’ll are great and I love you.

Elder Solomon

P.S. Will you please send me family pictures? Fanks!