Monday, February 14, 2011

Hubert is my hero

[unedited version]

ok So first off the baptism of Sanjay Kurmar went awesome! no body really showed up except for some random overly flirty muslim girls who thought it was a part but that was ok just Sanjay just wanted to be baptised. right before the baptism we had a bit of drama. Sanjay got a call from his sister and was very upset and crying forever then him and i went into the chapel and prayed. His faith is so powerful it is amazing. His testimony of the Book of Mormon is so strong i cannot wait to use him to teach with us. we had zone conference this week which was exciteing. President Patch is on the ball as usuall and melted everyones face. there was only two dissappointing things abou that day. first i was fasting and they always have amazing lunches for zone conference and second i was expecting some mail and packages from christmas and all i got was a unexpected but totally for-see-able engagement anouncement (congrats Jamie Kottcamp-soon-to-be-Morris).
Us and the Ilford sisters have become quite competititive about how hard we are working both trying to teach more lessons and do more finding. for the first time in like forever they beat us last week and the first thing President Patch did was rub it in our face at zone conference. that was really funny and gave the sisters a nice boost. Unfortunatly our teaching pool is shrinking again becasue we have baptised four people and some just dropped off of the face of the earth so unfortunatly we are only teaching about 24 lessons a week instead of 30-35. but that is totally good cause now we get to go find new people to baptise! yea.
k Brigg i dont care what anyone else may say, you're alright in my book. its a wonderful thing that we are let into the kingdom of God by the grace of Christ which is obtained through repentence and obedence. it an awesome plan. now you have all the time in the world to focus on other things.... like preparing for a mission :) i dont know what it is like to win sectionals or even to be on a state champion team or even go to state but i can tell you this. There is nothing like the feeling of administering the saving ordinance of baptism to a humbled, determined follower of Christ. It truly is a humbling honor. Preston will tell you this (he had a bit more practice at it). No greater satisfaction can come to any man on earth then being a worthy priesthood holder and being called to use that priesthood in a righteous way. start now. share the gospel with someone that you normaly wouldnt. pray to know who to speak to, who has been prepared to accept the message then resolutly follow the prompting. experience it for yourself so that i dont have to try to explain it.
ok let me tell you about the time i almost ripped my face off in gospel principles. Hubert Borges Da Silva was one of my first baptisms in the middle of January right. well our ward mission leader is not a very good teacher so we suggested that he include Hubert in teaching the class. Hubert has had tons of experience with teaching so it seemed like a good idea and Brother Stevenson agreed. so Hubert prepared to teach the first lesson in the gospel principles book. we visited him and looked over his out line and he had perfect solid doctrine. He was good to go. then right before church the sisters invited a random older oriental man off the street to attend church. he did. He must have been very uncomfortable because half way through the lesson he started to bash and get really angry. he did not agree with our views on the nature of God, i believe he was buhdist. so Hurbert stood at the front of the class being reviled against ridiculed and persecuted. the air was as think as a chocolate cake from the Cheese Cake Factory. Elder Scruggs and I almost lost it multiple times but were restrained. it was amazing to see the gift of the Holy Ghost at work. Hubert withstood all the mans comments insults and accusations of being brainwashed. in the end he bore a powerful testimony of the love of God. at the end of the lesson i took a moment to allow my adreniline to cool down, the man left dissatisfied and angry and Hubert came off a better man. When i told him he was my hero he said he was going to go take a nap.. haha i dont blame him. i love the Lords promise that as we follow the Spirit we will not be confounded by men. it is so true.
i love you alll and truly honestly feel and appriciate all of the support and prayers offered in my behalf.
Elder Solomon