Monday, July 19, 2010

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It was soo good to hear from you all this week. When I sat down at the computer and saw all the emails I thought I wouldn’t have time to read them and each of them were sooo long! I love it! Thanks Jeff for the email, its good to see that my letter got there. I forgot the Phoenix area code so I couldn’t send it to the office but I knew I could rely on Preston. I laughed so hard when I heard the story about pinching Preston I had a flash back to being crouched over in a van in the shop doing freakin inventory (hated that) and out of no where it felt like a bee sing on the back of my leg and I almost jumped through the roof and in all the confusion pain and panic I hear Mike and Jeff's uncontrolled laughter and I couldn’t help but smile. Good times... Jerry thanks for the advice I think that too often some missionaries forget that they are human to and that they are dealing with real people not just robots in a role-play. Stacy thanks for the email ill are sure to send you a letter now that I have your address... and congratulations!!! Kassidee and Sister Thompson! Your awesome I think I spent ten minutes reading your email. They were brilliant, exactly what I need to hear. Encouragement and humor all mixed in together hit the spot. So I did get your letter right after I sent the other one.... I replied already this morning. It was so good to hear about Taylor’s Baptism!!!! I was soooo happy.

Any way nothing really new has happened around here in Lea Valley. The two investigators that we had (Pyi and Francis) dropped us soon after we invited them to be baptized. Francis got to busy and Pyi... I think he just died... we cant get a hold of him so save our life. I continue to meet people every day from random countries all over the world. I meet Jasmine the other day but she insisted that her name was Senait but she was from Armamentaria, which is a Middle East country. We meet more Polish and Romanians then we do English, and the Africans particularly form Nigeria and Ghana, are the basic population... beside the Iranian Muslims. Yesterday I talked with some Muslims for about an hour and it was really interesting to hear all about Islam. People unfortunately profile Muslims as terrorist and the truth is the terrorist are nothing more then angry back woods hill billies that kill people. Their religion says nothing about killing people to get to heaven. Anyway I don’t really know what to say. It seems like I have a whole list of comments that I want to make but as soon as I get to the computer I forget it all...

Oh Nick!! Somebody get me and address to send him a letter! I'm so excited that his farewell went so well! That guy is awesome and he is going to change the whole wide state of Idaho!! Way to go:) Boise won’t even know what hit them! Somebody give him a hug from me if he is still around.

So the weather.... summer is over and fall is here. The day after I emailed last week it started to rain and was raining off and on for three days and now its starting to get colder and the sun is already starting to go down around eight rather then eleven. But it still gets up before I do and causes that problem. Elder Koppe was the Elder on the coach with his Holland jersey on if that is the picture you got. We have started laying pana every day now and it gets quite intense! Pana is this totally awesome game that you take a mini football (soccer ball) and try to kick it between each other’s legs. It get real intense and one of the funniest moments this week was when I won and he chased me up the stairs with the ball in his hands screaming OPEN YOUR LEGS!!! I fell down laughing! We had a good discussion last night all of us about all the dodgy pictures and girls walking around... its good to see that I'm not the only one bothered by it.

So elder Gallagher is literally going crazy! He is losing his mind and acting like a lunatic. Thankfully though since this is his last week we have a ton of dinner and lunch appointments this week:) being with three other missionaries that are in the Saturday of their mission is really messing with my mind. I have to keep reminding myself that all those planes I see are two years away.

The church is true and the work goes one no unhallowed hand can stop it and it will go forth boldly noblely and independently. I love Joseph Smith. All of his teachings are amazing. I read the King Follet discourse the other day and oh my days did it open my eyes. I was thinking about it for the rest to of the day!

I've kinda gotten on this sewing craze lately for some reason. Since the American and English styles are so different I decided to take one of my bed sheet dress shirts and tailor it so that it fits English style and the crazy thing is that it is working!! Look at that dad! I know its not quite the same, but William Henry sewed shoes in England and now I'm sewing shirts! My polish is getting a bit better. The other day we stopped a polish guy and I was able to use my limited polish vocab and he was so excited that he wanted us to come give him a copy of the B.O.M. in polish... of course we got hosed but still it was cool! He lives around us so maybe we will see him again.

Well sounds that you all are doing great! With summer drawing to an end all I have got to say is live it up! Keep clean but have fun! I'm so jealous of Brigg and Sheldon I wish I had cool friends like Jake that would do stuff like that but I am thankful for the friends I have had. (They did a great job of preparing me to get hosed all the time!!!!)

With all the love, appreciation, gratitude, hope, faith, charity, knowledge, godliness, brotherly kindness, virtue temperance and patience that I don’t have,
Elder Solomon

By the way the Muslims see King Solomon differently. They don’t think he became wicked with all his wife’s but rather that he gained power from Allah and was able to command plants and genie (or devils) to do whatever he wanted them too.