Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh My Days!

Oh my days!! It is so good to hear from you all! I'm getting a bit confused. They say you are most homesick for the first three months, then you get over it. That wasn’t the case with me, but now with Christmas season rolling around and all that comes with it in our family, it is starting to get a bit harder. It is so weird. I keep having dreams where I’m home for a week or to for the holidays then I have to go back on to England. Preston seriously I know you couldn’t really wait any longer but did you really have to add another significant day to December? It will be safe to say that December will be the most loaded month for our family forever. K question. Are you going to be home on Christmas? If I'm still here in Deal I will try to SKYPE home. Will that work for you.

Ok, so Julie is doing great! We are teaching her, her three children and one of their friends. However she is getting more comfortable with us which means she is talking more and we get to teach less. No disrespect to her at all but she is the biggest airhead I've ever known! It is hilarious she is always roeing with her 13 year old daughter to prove who is more intelligent. The lessons are progressing very slowly. One principle per lesson, it will be 42 lessons.... forever... before we get through them all. It will be a miracle if she can pass her baptism interview. I think I need to buy a white board and start drawing pictures.

Weird experience this week. We are teaching this lady named Amber who is a bit off her rocker. Mostly because she carries baggage of an abusive child hood. We came by this week and wanted to begin a lesson with a prayer as we always do and she didn’t let us. Then she told us that she was a psychic and that it is enhanced every time we or she prays. Then she started telling us some really weird stuff. Like for instance, she says she can 'pick up' on spirits. She claims that every time we come around there is the presence of a little girl with us (I hadn’t ever told her about London). She can sense people’s emotions concerning their past and also have premonitions of the future. Now, I would have thought she was full of a load of crap until she started talking about my past. Kinda creepy but I used it to my advantage. I told her when I gained a testimony and started living the gospel by my own choice and not because I was forced. Then I asked her to tell me when I was happier and she said after I made this conscious choice to change. I said 'that’s right', then ended up tell her that she needed to live the gospel to be happy. It turned out really well. The spirit guided everything I said. Elder Engelbrektsson so completely lost and had no idea what to say the whole time, so I was all on my own. We gave President Patch a call afterwards to see what he had to say about it. It was awesome he basically said, “boldly teach her about the priesthood and invite her to be baptized”. I'm excited for our next lesson.

Ok, I am learning patience but it has almost run out. I was always taught if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. My tongue is getting quite sore and covered with teeth marks. Transfers are next week and I’m crossing my fingers. Pray for me.

Ok, so Christmas list as much as I can think of right now:

Thermal bottoms.

Ranch dressing.

Raspberry chipotle sauce

Reese’s peanut butter cups


It would be amazing if you could put all our Mo Tab music one to one of the scan disk that I send home then send it back. I had problems with the ipod and will be sending it back, but I bought a picture frame that plays music off of the scan disk from Elder Gallagher which works like a pro, plus I can show pictures on it. Novel idea right?

.... Brain freeze...

I was talking to Brother Fultz right after I got my mission call and I remember him telling me how all that Brock asked for was money for Christmas and I laughed but now I see the wisdom behind it. (P.S. Brock goes home tomorrow!)

You need to let me know if there is anything that anyone wants from here so I can send it. I'm already getting a box together but I still need to fill it up.

I'm so glad that everything is doing well at home. I didn’t even know that you were going to do a London’s Swim but good job! Now I have something else to brag about!! Seriously it might be a sin but bragging about my family is one of my favorite things to do!

Dad. I was just thinking about when we went to California together for a couple of days. That was so much fun. I really wish that I had spent less time trying to impress people and more time with my best friend. I probably would have learned a whole lot more.

Send my love to everyone who prays for me:)

Elder Solomon