Tuesday, June 21, 2011

new week, new transfer, new companion

First and for most! We had two baptisms this week!! YEA!!! Susie Jones and June Tapper. So let me tell you about them. Susie is basically the coolest person I have ever taught. She reffered herself to the church. for like 4 years she has not gone to church because she got kicked out of her last church for being a single mother. so she began emailing churches asking if they accepted single mothers. we got the message invited her to come by and she came and was blow away by the spirit. Basically for four weeks in a row every talk and every lesson given at church was tailored (by the Spirit) to her specific needs and concerns. Her and I are currently racing to read the book of mormon and we are both stuck on Jacob chapter 5. our lessons with her are completly amazing she knows the bible better then anyone i know and in fact we had her teach us a lesson last time and the whole time elder smith and i were taking notes. She is the first person that I found, taught and baptised in one transfer. Then there is June. June is from South Africa and basically came here to live off the social system. But she is lovely and super kind. She was introduced to us by her friend in the ward and the teaching process went great. we had to push her baptism date back a little cause she could never get up in the morning. but now she has been for a month in a row so she is in the swing of things. She is most excited about doing family history work and when we brought our family history consultant to her to teach her about it she asked him if someone could go to the temple every day! Her son is Barett he is a full grown man at the age of 17. He really loves us and the church the only problem is he spends 12 hours a day on the xbox and the other 12 sleeping so he has no time on Sunday to get to church. but we are working on him and he really wants to get baptised before i leave and he goes into the army. he is a great kid. just loves sleep more then church. It was Elder Smiths last week. kinda sad. we spent most of the week traveling to and from teaching appointments and did about half as much work as we normally do in a week. We also had to travel to the other side of London (back to Ilford!) to get a baptism dress big enough for June! But we have a really good week set up this week. Big news by the way. I got a call from President Patch yesterday. Next transfer he has asked me to be te district leader. I was realy surprised by the call and tried to get out of it but he wouldnt let me. He said he has been training me for this for the past six months. As well I will be training next transfer. Im super nervous about that but i got some really good advice from yous so i just have to give it a read again! Who ever my next companion is is lucky cause of how good the area is doing right now! we hopefully will be having three more baptisms in the next six weeks. so he wont have to wait until nine months to see his first baptism like me. And we are getting on really well with bishop now! in Elders qourum he took five mintues to tell everyone how good we are and admonished every brother to come teaching with us! He said that we were the hardest working missionaries he had seen in the four years he has been here. this is a huge progress seeing how when i first came bishop was cancelling baptisms and the high priest group leader had told everyone not to help us get people to church! Bishop even invited us over for dinner this week! I really hope that things keep going this well. Elder Jacob taught me somthing that I really focused on this transfer. He said 'how you are in the valleys of your mission will determine how high the peaks are and how long they last' i miss him. He did a lot of good for this area and for me. Oh i also found out some good news! Three people that i found and began teaching in Ilford and now since been baptised! basically I've had a really good week.

hope y'alll are doing well. and i really hope that qc doesnt end up in the burn:/

love Elder Solomon