Monday, August 9, 2010

They are miserable, but I am not

Ok, I will explain how it is here in Dover in a bit but please look at the pictures. My words wont give it justice and the pictures almost do its kind of something you have to see for your self.

So last week we had zone pday and I did another train then we had a bbq on the beach so then we had to drive the sister missionaries (one is Italian and the other was Hawaiian) back to Canterbury so we didn’t have time to do our emailing before the appointments we had scheduled that night. So, the workin here is amazing and I give all the credit to the Lord working through the missionaries that were here before me. It is proof that an absolutely diligent and obedient servant of the Lord can do miracles. They had 4 baptisms the weekend before I got here and now we have 14 investigators and I want to say 10 other less active/recent converts that we teach. We are working so hard every day that we honestly have no time to even take a lunch and when we get back we have to take so much time to prepare for the lessons the next day that dinner is always every small and quick and I still have to write in my journal by torch (flashlight) light because without fail the lights are out at 10:30.

Ok, so my area goes from Folkston to Dover through sandwich deal all the way up to the Isle of Thanet, which is Margate and Ramsgate. It is the most spread out area in the mission so we spend a lot of time driving. Elder Hansen drives (illegally) because he knows the area but before this transfer we both had the same driving experience. So the countryside is amazing!!! I have never seen so much green in my life! Every one is growing wheat right now so all the fields are golden. The sides of the hill are all pasture for the many sheep and cattle and what ever isn’t pasture is forest. When we drove out of the country side and started going down the hill into the harbor I literally lost my breath at the sight. Far off in the distance you can see France!!! Yes FRANCE!! The there is the English channel between us which is the busiest water channel in the world so it has all kinds of ships scattered all over the place. Then there is the harbour which is its self is amazing with the pier /sea wall rising out of nothing. Then there are the cliffs... you basically have to see them for your self. Absolutely stunning huge white cliffs then at the top of the cliffs is the Dover castle the biggest castle in England.

Anyway I'm almost out of time. We have one investigator named Chris who is the English version of Kenny Kelley! He is awesome and was timed as the world’s fasted jockey! But since he got kicked in the head and now has a steel plate there he can’t really remember it all. He is the world’s best investigator. He is studying the gospel principles book and totally believes everything with out a doubt. He receives more personal revelation then most life time member but the only thing holding him back from being baptized today is he doesn’t want to be baptized until he knows that he has the strength to live the wow 100 percent. He is awesome.

The English people are the most miserable people I have ever seen.
O the cunning plan of the evil one of the vainness and frailties of man. For when they are learned they think they are wise and hearken not to the counsels of the Lord... I have totally seen it its amazing how closed minded people are and how they can be guided but such blanket lies and they allow their predetermined prejudice keep them from finding the most happiness they could ever wish to experience.
I love bearing testimony. I learned a really cool thing for myself after and amazing step in appointment. In 2 Nephi 31 18 it says something along the lines of 'then comes a remission of sins by fire and by the Holy Ghost' it is when we receive and feel the Holy Ghost that we are cleansed of our sins. I testify that this is true. I have felt it. I have never been so happy in my life and I have been surrounded here with the most miserable people because I know that my Redeemer lives and I get to testify multiple times a day and every time I do He sees it. Every time I am flipped off cursed and insulted and rejected it’s recorded. I glory in the tribulation.
Second thing I learn is righteousness in Gods eyes is completly subjective. We will be held account...

G2g love
Elder Solomon