Monday, November 28, 2011

Something in the air!

Ok so i think Christmas season is finally here I can't really deny or delay it any more. It is so crazy how there is such a different feel about the air and people just have a general different attitude. So this week was pretty loaded but slow at the same time. We had zone conference and stake conference and Elder Jankowsky spent two days ill in bed.
Zone Conference on Tuesday was pretty crazy. It was a 10-4 one rather then the normal 10-2. We had a visiting Area Seventy and he was really excited to be there. So excited that the conference lasted until 5!!! Elder Wright in just a English guy who has been about the Lord business since he returned from his mission. He served as a bishop and stake president before he was called to be an Area Seventy. Through out the day I really enjoyed his teaching and comments. Zone conference was like a spiritual oasis in a dry desert. As missionaries you spend 100% of your time worring about, planning for, and teaching other people and sometimes it is really nice to get it in return. Elder Sheppard (my latest companion) shared this feeling abit when he told me that the thing that he was most excited about going home was recieveing home teaching visited and letting someone else nurture him. So zone conference was a bit like that for me. We (elder jankowsky and my self) gave at training on extending baptism invitations in the first or second lesson and man I really felt the Lord put words in my mouth and testify of what I was saying. I know that should be happening every time that i teach but for some reason it was really strong that time. The general theme as it were of the conference was gaining a vision of what the Lord wants of us. Elder Wright invited us all to study Numbers 13-14 and look for what made Caleb and Joshua different then the rest of the spies sent to scout out the promised land. I took that direction us this morning and had a wonderful study about it. It is intesting what the Lord said about Caleb. if i remember right it said something along the lines of 'he fully followed what I said and had another spirit' this is what set him apart from the others. So he was 100% obedient and therefore had a different spirit then the other spies and was able to see the potential of the land and have confidence that the Lord would be able to deliver the land into their hands. The others did not see this. The reported that the land was good. But when they saw the giants and the mighty cities that were already there they changed there report and turned the people to rebellion. So lesson learned. Be obedient and you will be about to see with an 'eye of faith' (Ether 12:19) and gain a vision of what is possible with the Lord. What a wonderful blessing for all of us and especially with missionaries. Having a vision of the possible builds hope and hope leads us to act in faith then faith brings miracles. I love the simplicity and depth of the gospel!!!
So then Elder Jankowsky was sick and we didnt get much done this week. I lied I got to clean the flat... then rearragne the furniture, then clean the flat, and put up the Christmas tree. I still however have not decorated it. That won't happen until December. Stake conference was great. Our stake presidence was rearranged so we got a prominate member in the ward back and then lost another one to replace the first! it was cool. I think that the best part of he weekend was that we didnt have to organized any lifts for Sunday. our amazing Bishop did it for us! Ben and Monique are doing great! both past their baptism interviews this weekend and are set for the baptism on Saturday! We have taught them everything and they have loved every little bit of it. I'm so happy that they all have a wonderful support group. So our new assistant ward mission leader (Vijay) was baptised a little over a year ago and never fit into the ward. because of drama he went less active. When i came he went on a trip to Utah to visit the old missionaries who had taught him. (among the was Elder Gallagher my trainer!) When he came back he started comeing out bit by bit. Well we started baptiseing and all the people who have been baptised recently are forming this perfect fellowshipping group. Vijay now has the support he needed and is back in full activity. The best part about it is that he is now prepareing to go on a mission!!! How awesome is that! I was so excited when i heard that he was working on his papers.
Well bottom line. The Church is true. The Atonement does work and Salvation is possible through Jesus Christ
Elder Solomon
ps Hey Brigg I sent you a little surpirse that has some few things to help you out on your mission. also in it is chocolate (to share) my journal (keep it safe) and a letter for you (inside the front of the journal). Let me know when it gets there.
Enjoy!!! :)