Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting settled in

So I'm starting to get settled in quite well here. I like it. The ward is really good the only problem is that we have NO one to teach. It makes it really hard when you don’t have anyone to teach cause then you basically just wander around town center trying to talk to people or tracting at night. We are working really hard but are not seeing any results from it. It is quite difficult for my companion. We had a really good spiritual heart to heart last night. I'm beginning to understand the issues and concerns behind everything. Its funny that the most effective teaching that is happening is within our own flat. For both of us. We have this little missionary board game that is extremely cheesy but it was fun to play. It was amazingly prophetic though. At the beginning of the game we could not get any Investigators occasionally we would get one but then they would be Lost. We had all the resources to baptize but no one to baptize. Three times elder Rallison got stuck in the depression corner. We laughed about it a little bit then things started picking up. Soon we had baptisms and more and more people to teach. Then I got an unexpected trial and received a 'Dear John' I lost my investigator and next time around the board I got stuck in the depression corner. We were laughing so hard but at the same time it helped us realize that success comes after much trials. I'm sure most of us know that the best things cost a little more than the fleeting, easily breakable things. So if the Lord said 'how great will be your joy' with those that you help save in the kingdom of Heaven. That great joy I'm sure is bought with a price. Its not easy but it is worth it. I find the easiest way to get though anything is by looking at the bigger picture. See the end ya know?

Elder Rallison has been really good this week though. Still not getting up on time but he has been much more motivated to work. I think it was because I sat him in a room and while I was cooking lunch I had him listen to some amazing talks two of which we George Durant’s BYU address Number One Christian (amazing! Sheldon you need to listen to it he talks about being the youngest boy and I thought of you the whole time) and President Hinckley’s Loneliness of Leadership BYU address. It was really good to see him get more and more excited about doing the right thing.

We are moving flats today so we will get out of the noisy drug dealing neighborhood we are in now to a more Polish area. Ok dad you always said that when the women started looking good it was time to go home right? I have to ask were their many immigrants then? I have found that Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish women are for the most part stunning. it tends to be distracting esspecially when they are the only people that your companion will talk to on the high street.

Ok, so remember when I was first in Deal and I commented that English people are the most miserable people on the earth? Well I lied. I have begun to learn something that has really helped me to love them. English people just have a really hard shell. They all seem to be standofish but as soon as they open up to you, you will find the most cheerful nice person as your new friend. This makes it really hard to meet new people and turn them into investigators, but as soon as you get a good English investigator they are awesome.

I still can’t believe that my family is passing such a huge milestone and I'm not even there for it. I was talking to Elder Rallison the other day and I realized that I'm getting and new sister. Oh my days! It was so weird I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well and that every one is so excited. I know I am. Looks like I'm going to be the only member of the family that is not there :( that’s ok ill pray for it all to work out smoothly.

I'm having a bit of a hard time. Elder Rallison loves to talk about home now that he has someone who understands what it is like to be a redneck. I'm not homesick but I miss it all. Not that I want to leave or anything but I'm getting a bit trunky like I can’t wait to get back. I think that the lesson that the Lord needs me to learn at this moment is to concentrate on that work. Even if you are the only one in the area that is.

You all will be proud of me!!! I have begun working out again in the morning and am dropping weight. I don’t know how much I weight but it is under 13 stones 13x14lbs=............. it’s going to be hard to pick up college again..... Any why it’s nice; it wakes me up in the morning and it is much easier to step into a freezing cold shower in the morning if you are sweating. Also I have found that I am as flexible as a slab of concrete. I can’t even touch my ankles anymore. And I'm kicking myself for not doing yoga with mom all those time that I choose to laugh at her instead.

There is a phrase in the Doctrine and Covenants where the Lord tells the Saints to let the 'solemnities of the eternities' rest on their minds. I have been doing a study on this phrase lately with some pretty good results. I have found that I need to learn how to meditate and control the thoughts in my mind so that they go in the direction that I want them to. Mom do you have any suggestions on how I can learn to control and direct my thoughts?

Well, I love you all and cant wait to call/see you on Christmas!!!!!

Love Elder Solomon

P.S. Brigg and Sheldon I am very proud of you with your recent wrestling

accomplishments. Brigg I'm happy that you are at least wrestling but

SERIOUSLY I want to hear it from you dangit!!!

P.S.S. if you want to hear President Hinckley curse look up his BYU

address 'the Loneliness of Leadership' it is an amazing talk and has

become one of my most favorite.