Monday, August 15, 2011

It's a RIOT

Hello family,
ok i dont know where to start. riots arent much of a problem anymore. its really just an excuse for teenagers to smash things and get a new TV. And also minorities to complain about there situation (id be pretty upset to if the government gave me a house, food, transport, and a brand new TV without execting me to work for it) I had a work over with the Assistants on Tuesday it was a really fun experience. If you remember Elder Scruggs (my companion is Iford?) he has been the assistant now for three months. One of his companions is Elder Boer from Italy. Now Elder Boer was trained by Elder Gallagher (like me) but has never served in the same zone as me. In fact this whole time i've been on the mission I have seen him but four times. He has been wanting to serve around/with me this whole time. So when he was assigned to be an AP the first thing he did was organize a work over. It was an incredible experience. although we only knew eachother from the mission reputation it felt like we had been serving with eachother for 6 months. I learned a ton from him and he really influenced how I do things. He was completly complementory the whole time. (i think people have been lieing to him telling him that im better then i am). anyways i enjoyed it. We picked up an new investigator this week. Jake is English, 18 years old and grew up here in Basildon. he is a great kid the only problem is that he had extreme OCD, which prevents him from touching people, stepping on drains, entering unfamiliar buildings, and being around crowds of people. No of which helps him get to church. He really wants to meet with us cause he rightfully believes that finding God in his life can get him over his OCDs. We have had some really good lessons with him and I look forward to teaching him more. Basildon is going to be good. Normally it is a really good productive area but this year it has kinda died out. There is a ton of pressure on me to turn it around which adds to the stress of everything else. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed but optimistic. Elder Sheppard (not Spencer, mom ) is an excellent missionary, the only problem is that he is dieing and drags his feet. We have been quoteing Emperors New Groove to eachother this whole time. at the end when the gaurds are chaseing Kuzco the potions fall on them and they all turn to different animals. the quotation is as follows
Guard 'umm ive been turned into a cow, can i go home?'
evil women 'your excused. anyone else?'
other Guard ' no no were fine'
Evil women 'then get them!!'
Elder Sheppard sympithizes very much with the poor cow. It has become the zone joke.
prayers are appriciated i hope y'all continue to do well
Love Elder Solomon

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