Monday, August 22, 2011

hey y'all
it was good to hear for yous. big things are happening this week! i go for my drving license test tomorrow. it is the hardest drving test in the world so i would really appreciate a few hail mary's in my behalf. I've had a good week with its ups and downs. one day i was in so much pain because of the knots is my back that i was getting physically ill. Elder Sheppard (bless him he is a Saint) gave me a back massage for like two hours. my back was so bad that he had to use a rolling pill and a broom handel to work out the knots. my back is so tender now it feels like i got hit by a train but at least the muscles are a bit more loose. unfortunatly i am right out of time cause i have the Assistants calling me to get the Key Indicator Reports for the week. Im doing well and miss y'all (whenever i think about it)
Elder Solomon

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