Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Comfort Zone

i didnt realize how comfortable i had gotten here in Hayes untill i got a call to move! Last night President Patch called me again to ask me to be a Zone Leader in the Basildon Ward. If i remember right the Bishop of that ward is good friends with the Creagers? Anyways I'm really excited because Ilford is in that zone and I will be able to go back on some exchanges. Being a zone leader also means that i really need to get a driving license so I'm going to need all your combined prayers and faith for that miracle. My new companion will be Elder Shepard!! Aunt Nancy knows there family from her mission they live in Leighton Buzzard! I believe I'm going to be his last companion which will then give me my 4th 'kill' in the mission. its crazy to think that for 25% of my whole mission I'll be spending with missionarys that are going home soon. anyways Hayes area is doing great. Barett (June's son) is doing great he just got back from the stake young mens camp and loved it! He will most likely be baptized on the 13th of august im a bit gutted that i will be missing that :(. We picked up a couple new chinese investigatiors this week who are super awesome! Qing and Yansen. Qing says 'cool' like an American gangster and Yansen (bless his heart) wanted a picture with me because i have a very handsome face? I think the highlight of my week was on sunday though when Raheel blessed the sacrament for the first time. there is a really good story behind that. Saturday we had Raheel come out with us teaching for half of the day and we had a great time. In the evening he told me that he was in a bit of a pridicament. He had been asked to bless the sacrament on sunday and he accepted the invitation but then his boss called him and told him that sunday morning they would have a job that would be double pay. Raheel could not decide what do to. So i gave a lawyers answer and pointed out the pro's and con's of each option and told him to make a choice. he looked at me and said 'that doesnt help me at all'. Then i promised 'Raheel if you go to church on Sunday the Lord will provide another job oppurtunity for you in the week.' He said ok ill pray about it. Sunday morning he finally made the choice to go to church and at eight turned of his phone so that he wouldnt get a call from his boss. Right after church he turned his phone back on and his boss called to tell him that the job had been reschadualed for Monday! how cool is that?! Basically the church is true.
its good to hear that ya'll are doing well. Mom don't wear yourself out. Dad don't kill yourself. Brigg I'm really happy to hear that you are working with Cody and doing such a good job! keep it up! Sheldon its cool that you are going into EVIT it with that i would have done that... Be a pilot. that is where all the big bucks are. the first few years are really hard but once you break the crust you get the nice little jam in the middle and earn $400,000+ a year and get to fly to all the cool places in the world. (I had a companion who was a pilot and told me all about the benifits.... constantly)
keep well be cool
Elder Solomon

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