Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wasted Anticipation

So it was really good to talk to you all this week end, i loved hearing each of your voices and being able to recognized everyones right off (except Hilary its been about a year more then everyone else that ive talked to her) it was also a very plesent surprise to speak with nana, paco, grandma solomon and kassidee. each of you said something that i needed to hear at this time. i honestly havent been able to stop thinking about our wonderful conversations. In fact im still trying to recover from the lack of sleep. i finally crawled into bed around 12:30 but because my mind was so occupied i could not fall asleep for another couple of hours.
Moves calls came yesterday and it turns out that i will be a junior companion for the first 13 months of my mission. Ill be serving with Elder Smith who just got released from being a zone leader. He is English so hopefully i will pick up a bit of his accent :) i killed off my trainer, i killed off elder jacob and im going to kill off elder smith also. and to be honest i probably will be killing off me next companion after that! i am a bit put off about being junior companion again, i got my self all syked up and ready for a young one. so it turns out that all this anticipation was wasted. i guess there are still some changes that i have to make and some lessons that i havent quite learned yet bofore then. we my time is super short today cause we are teaching chinese students all day instead of taking a pday so i have to go.
love you all
Elder solomon

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