Monday, May 30, 2011

A really good week

hey family,
we had a really good week this week. it was good to hear that you did also. kinda crazy but Elder Smith reached his two year mark and i hit my year mark. Can you believe it? i cant.
This week was stake conference and the first presidency did a broadcast for allof the uk and ireland, it was really good but unfortunatly i missed most of it. Susie Jones came her two kids and they we completly boisterous and crazy. she was getting absolutly nothing out of the service so a quarter of the way through i got a bit tired of every one lokking at her like she had a problem so i took the kids out and played with them is an adjacent room. so i missed the majority of the broadcast. i really hope she enjoyed it though. amber also came. Amber is quickly becomeing my favorite person ever. partly because she is chinese and partly because she is so flippin sincere. she really enjoyed the broadcast. oh and by the way we had a Baptism!!!! i didnt know this but bishop organized that Anibal get baptised after stake conference! the service was great... i think? i didnt really understand most of it cause it was all in spanish! but it was really good and a bit emotional for his new bride cause she had been waiting 13 years for this day. ill attach so pictures.i really dont have much more to say then that. i didnt take time to properly think out what to say in my letter. Oh mom i forgot. i had a chat with president patch he said he would extend my mission but the church will not extend my visa. i was wondering if it was possible that i could get a 3 month holiday visa? could you look into that for me?... when you have time i guess.
Again a big congradulations to Brigg for graduation! i got the announcement this week. i was so good to see the mustang ;) i loved that car. Brigg i think you are growing up thats a bit crazy. i had this crazy dream last night that we were serving together in england. not going to lie i was really excited, then i woke up... that was the saddest part of the dream.
well my well of inspiration has run dry and i have nothing else to say this week. kinda helps that i don't have a email to reply to
love elder solomon

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