Monday, May 2, 2011


ok i got your letter telling me that you will be sending a package in may. food really isnt that necessary but rrecipes would be nice. also i have some special request that have been on my mind lately that would make my life if they were included
teeth whitening stripes.
that foot medicine for my flesh eating bacteria (its back with a vengence)
Reese :)
New foot inserts (i have walked through my other ones but if you cant get them i can manage for a while i just put another sole over them)
no golf balls ( i have enough)
AA batteries (there are almost $5 for one here!)
there was something else i know it........
your refried beans, salsa, tortilla,(im just dying for Mexican food) and bread dough recipe
take care love you alot!
ps dad because of your email last week i went a bought a souviner mug for the royal wedding

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