Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Shmoyal

thanks for the email it was really nice that i didnt have to spend to much time reading it!. so i had a trunky dream last night i think it was inspired but Elder Jacob talking about how he only has single digit days left until he is no longer a missionary.... anyhow the area is doing Great, the only way that the royal wedding was a bother was that it was the subject of our testimony meeting. that was not good because we only had one american and three chinese investigators there, the chinese all for the first time. they fell asleep with the rest of us. Elder Jacob concerning the wedding quoted part of moronis epistles to the kingmen and bout proffessing royalty i thought it wa funny. i had some pretty amazing experiences this week that really have strengthened my testimony that this work is in the Lords hands. So at zone conference Elder Causse was talking about how rather then praying to know which street to tract or where to go to street contact he said to pray for a vision of who you need to find then pray for direction in where to find them. So the other night i did just that, then in the morning i was meditating during excercise time and i asked those questions Who do you want me to find today? then and image came to my mind of a couple the girl was indian and the man was african english, i felt that she was super intrested and he wasnt that bothered. as i had them in my head i asked where will they be? and i immediatly knew that they would be at one end of the uxbridge town center. so that day i spent the whole time stopping and talking to chinese students and i tried to stay by the street i knew that they would be at. then later in the day right after i got rejected but someone this lady with her boyfriend came up to me and asked me what i was doing. she was from india an her boyfriend was english african, She was super intrested and he was not so bothered. at the time i had completly forgoten that i had 'seen' them earlier that day but afterwards it all clicked! i was so elated, man the gospel is so true. then for a youth conference we went on splits and i spent the whole day with a one of the super nervous priest. we taught a lesson which went horrible (trinity bash) then we had three hours to tract since another appointment had cancelled. prior to this weekend the stake and missionaries had fasted and prayed that there would be miracles on this day and let me tell you what there was! so after the first 1:30 we had already had two step in appointments which never happen! then when we had thirty minutes left i sat the priest down and said 'i know that the Lord has one more person that He wants us to contact today so we are going to pray for His direction'. i had him say the pray and he asked for it even though he was way nervous and unsure that he would recognize then answer. so after the prayer i asked if he wanted to look at the map or just go. he said just go so we did. as we were walking down the street a question poped into my mind and i asked him what his favorite number was he said either 5 or 16. so quickly we went form street to street knocking number 5 and 16... nothing fifteen minutes to go. we got to a big street at the number 150, i had an idea we went to 165 and knocked... nothing so then i went to 156... nothing. i looked at him and said which way he said right we went right. At 153 we got another step-in with a woman who was from india and grew up in a strong shik family. she recently had begun watching the god channel and got a bible. she said that whenever she learns about christ she feels really happy! so we had a great lesson about the restoration and will be going back to see her soon. I know that Faith proceeds the miracle and I know that miracles come.
Also I had a nice tender mercy a couple of days ago. i was walking in the high street and this built large bald man in a strong american accent came and stuck his hand out to me and asked me where i was from. elder jacob said utah and he said his son had served in salt lake. i said arizona he said what part, queen creek, he was from mesa, went to moutain view, i asked if he know any haynes, yes and solomons too. which ones? Warren? THATS MY DAD! man i was so happy here was someone probably the only other person in the UK who knew my dad! and how cool he is anyhow his name is Casey was mates with Micheal Mills? who is a cousin of Jackie Mills? ring a bell? he has moved here for work but ran away before i could pick up my jaw and set up an appointment. we picked up 8 new investigators this week (6 of them are Chinese:) and set two more baptismal dates, June and Barret Tapper from South African (English South African) Barret has never been baptised and wants to go into the Army. they are the first member referall that i have been able to set a date with. pretty exciting! moves calls should be next week so expect my email on tuesday. president pulled elder jacob aside earlier this week and said this week i might get and new companion early from the provo mtc but that changed so we both are pretty positive that i will be training next transfer. im super nervous for that i havent even been senior companion yet and i am still uncomfortable when i teach. But i know that the Lord qualifies those that He calls. Your Prayers will be Much appriciated these coming weeks.
Keep stong love you all
Elder Solomon
if all goes well on mothers day i will call at 9pm English time
ps special thanks to the Hoopes Family for the Easter basket! your all awesome i have a half finished letter in my bag that im hoping to finish some time today for you.

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