Monday, April 4, 2011

Your future is as bright as your faith

First dad i want to tell you how impressed i am that you were able to chase down a teenage girl IN HER TERRITORY!! Spot-on good chap, I felt really proud to be your son. Its not an easy thing to do dodgeing in and out of computer stand, gobsmacked onlookers and over priced food stands. I want you to know you're alright in my book. i still tell all my friends and companions 'my dad is better then your dad!'
ok so how great was general conference?! i totally loved it, esspecially Elder Bednars talk, the whole thing was an answer to a ton of different questions i didnt know that i had. so had some dissappointing news this week. ziggy recently baptized not yet confirmed is now living with his girlfriend.... yea awkward. but other then that we have had a great week
Elder Jacob is freakin awesome! its like he just got done being and AP. one of the funniest things is that he is completly obsessed with chinese people!! our chapel in hyde park where the mission affice is is right next to the Imperial College where all the rich chinnese people send their kids to get a higher education so the aps spend all of there time teaching them. it is really good, because of the chinnese government they are all completly innocent and their minds have not been tainted by the world and false religious ideas. supposebly they are all receptive to the spirit and keep all of there commitments, also they ask great questions such as 'why do i always have this warm feeling when i meet you guys here?' totally cool!! i laughed the other day when elder Jacob was on the phone with one and they discibed the Holy Spirit as 'warm jelly'. Bless there hearts.
I learned so much from elder Siddiqui. mostly patience and temperance. I really have learned how to have a cool head in stressful times and do things one bit at a time. instead of getting stressed out about things that are out of my control, identify the best solution and take the necessary steps to achieve it. I have found that i have enjoyed my time much more since then. I love the proverbs i invite everyone to read and study them. i hope to be the 'wise and prudent' person it often describes. i feel that Grandpa Solomon was the best example of that. i miss him.
dad good job with the funeral. i knew that it would work out for you. i just hope now that some snot nosed missionary from Idaho will knock on those peoples down and they will remember the feeling of peace they had at the funeral and they will have a desire to learn more.
the gospel is like a Chinese buffet, it is delicious and it doesnt matter how many helpings you get you can always get more.
how about that little bit of wisdom?
Brigg i was delighted to recieve your email i really miss going on hikes so enjoy your next one extra for me. dad told me about the chicken that gave you bad gas and i laughed so hard. so this past week was a tight one on expenses and i had nothing to eat in the mornings but toast and baked beans.... poor companions. hey eat preach my gospel read the doctines and principle in the lesson over and over and over and over again. then study the scriputres in them then read them again.if they are stuck in your mind you will have no problem teaching them in the stressful first weeks out. Dude i need a huge favor k? Newt Wilson i think he still goes to mp get an address from him so i can write him He is coming to my mission and im so excited about it! if he doesnt come get it from bro ashby he should know it... i hope, if not there is always facebook:) if you do this i will send you some english chocolate k ? deal love you bro!!
Elder Solomon

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