Tuesday, March 29, 2011



ok so we have had a great week here in Hayes! the best part was that we finally had our baptisms. Neng and Ziggy were both baptised adn it went great. i also had to give a talk in church about the signs of the second coming. it really sucked, im not use to teaching like that anymore. elder Siddiqui and i had a really fun week i dont think i stopped laughing the whole time. so when we got a call from President Patch on Monday we were a bit disappointed to learn that he is going to be a zone leader in Lea Valley. At least he is going to die in a great area! my new companion (the eighth one now) will be Elder Jacob from Utah i think? so he just got released from being the assistant to the president so he is really good. one promotion and one demotion.... I'm hoping to learn alot from him. it looks like i'm going to be here in hayes for a while now so here is my address if you havent got it yet
22 hinhead gardens
Middlesex, UB5 5AS
so you can have a look on google maps, Preston dont be too jealous this is the smallest flat i have ever been in and it need a fippin cleaning. i found i have became intollerant of messy rooms (mom dont faint it is true)
well i have to run off to an appointment now, sorry but i didnt get to read any of you emails since i am crunched for time.
take care
elder solomon
P.S. I saw in the mission presidents office that Elder Newt Wilson will be coming to the England London Mission. Not going to lie i was soo freakin excited it will be almost five years running that a missionary from queen creek will be serving in the mission of apostles. some congradulate him for me!!!

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