Monday, March 14, 2011

Emergency Transfer

holy cow lets talk about a crazy week!!
so all was going fine and dandy until thursday. we were haveing a workover and one of our zone leaders was with us. i have to say it was really wierd being in a trio even if it was just for a day. so we were working really hard and getting alot done that day until about 5 o'clock in the evening. we were finding in town center and i just felt horrible, i was so wierd i felt completly seperated from the area and just could not get my thoughts in order. then i saw elder scruggs on the phone and walked over to him. he looked like he had just seen and ghost. i asked him who it was and he said that it was president. i thought that someone in his family had died or something. thankfully not but i didnt like the news that followed. he gave the phone to me and president patch explained that we had to do and emergency transfer. so here is the deal. in the croatia mission (shelby creager?) all the missionaries in serbia only had passports for serbia and couldnt be put anywhere else in the mission. this was causing tons of problems so they decided to just pull them all out of serbia and put them in different missions. so one of the serbian missionaries was going to come and be elder scruggs companion and i was getting kicked out of ilford. at the same time in Hayes (west london) and missionaries was quite ill so they took him out of the area and brought him into the mission home for a couple of weeks to heal. so i replaced him here that all happened on the 11th. my new companion is Elder Siddiqui. Elder Siddiqui converted from islam more then three years ago and guess where he was baptised. Ilford! how cool is that. so he got called to serve in spain but for some reason or another after 21 months got reassigned to our mission. now he is a bit of a crazy missionary. get alot of good work done but tends to offend alot of people. from what i heard his companion is sick kinda cause he couldnt handle it. So president patch said that he felt really good about putting me with elder siddiqui because i have a nice peaceful manner...? ok so i just bit the bullet, looked up and said ill go where you want me to go. our first night together we had a fall out and the air was thick and ice, just as cold to but we got over it and now i know where the balance lays. it will be a bit difficult cause they did things a lot differently in spain much of the differences i dont agree with but nevertheless and notwithstanding this i know there is alot i can learn from him. i was lucky with the move though cause we had a baptism this week and one next week and one the following week (hopefully). so on saturday we baptised Abbey. She is a nigerian from Toranto Canada. her sister was a member there and when she came here she reffered her self twice to the missionaries but they never got incontact with her for like three when they finally did they taught her smoothly and five weeks later she was baptised. she is spot on and will be teaching primary in no time i am sure. the only other bad thing that has happen is that in a traffic jam on a bus i leaned against some fresh paint so now my black suit has yellow spots. was not a good first impression for the ward... thankfully one of the ward members can get me a pretty good discount on a new one so there goes my birthday money
wow i cant believe that it is already spring break. i always loved spring break even though it meant working alot. So you emails are always so morbid. why are so many people dieing? are you getting that old? im really glad that all of you are living faithfully so that you can be in possitions where the Lord can rely on you to do His work. now although im going to miss that king size bed im more happy that you could be the answer to peoples prayers. isnt the ward emplyment program awesome? we used it quite effectively for missionary work in ilford. although they never found anyone a job (mostly because of there illegal status) it kept them coming to the church so that we could teach them :)
anyhow im right but the heathrow airport now so i constently have huge airliners flying over my head. most missionaries would get trunky by that but i see it as a motivation to use every second i have left to do what i can to make a difference.
know that you all are in my prayers,
love elder solomon
ps my usb card reader thing is broken so i send pictures as soon as i get another one

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