Monday, March 7, 2011

Just in case you were wondering

Brighton on Picacho Peak (1991)

dear family,
you are freakin awesome.
Brigg im not going to lie im really jealous of how much fun things you do. i always made sure i was doing something every night i was free but seriously sitting around and watching my friends with their girlfriends got a bit boring, seems like you always have the coolest idea and have fun doing them. will you be my friend when you get back from your mission!?

ok so i totally remember going to pachco peak i was so excited to go because i was doing a school report on it and i was a civil war nerd at the time. i remember the cable bridge and the breathtaking sights. the only thing i dont rememeber about it all was the ride home. i think i was unconscious (is that how you spell it?)

Dad thank you some much for your email i love hearing from you. i miss you. i dont think i could have asked for a better friend in high school, i wish i could have just realized that you were on my side a whole lot sooner,

ok so i need pictures of my brothers in their new shirts and ties

Mother im so proud of your face melting experience. isn't it a wonderful feeling to say what the spirit directs and see it change peoples lives? i think it is. i miss the temple so bad. the Mountain of the Lord is the best place we can be to feel HIs love and recieve inspiration. the promise that President Monson gave that 'everyone that touches the temple is touched by the temple' is so true. Keep it up mom. Boldness inspired by love is the best way to inspire people because it is the most clear way to present truth. Alma Nephi Abinadi and Mormon were all hated for what they said even to the point of violence and murder. 'the wicked take the truth to the hard' is an accurate statement. But truth undefiled is more powerful then a two edge sword in dividing asunder both marrow and joint(of poor excuses, false doctrines and foolish tradition) it is my goal to be absolutly clear in every statement that i make. its a lofty one but i have a good example (Christ). that is why i love africans:) i cant wait to have a chat with Tim Holmes about his mission.
so this week was pretty good. alot better then the last three weeks. we taught ten more lessons then we have in a while and set another baptismal date for march. right now we have schedualed three. Shuraz is from pakistan and is muslim. he came to the church with a girlfriend a while ago and the other week prayed to know if he should come to the church the answer was in a strong affirmative so he came and we began to teach him. this week he had a really cool experience that he told us about. he asked God a couple of questions and got some spot-on answers

'are the missionaries teaching me truth?'
meet with them and listen
is the book of mormon true
read it and find out
should i live the word of wisdom?
live it and see
is baptism right for me
do it and see

his faith in God is amazing. it is a huge thing to get a muslim to pray in the name of Jesus Christ and a almost bigger thing to have them believe he is the Son of God because the Qu'uran very clearly teaches that He wasnt and the Christians are mislead. but the other day after his lesson Shuraz stayed with us to help us teach someone else. he was our interpretur and basically taught the lesson to this guy. I believed that Shuraz recieved a testimony when he did this because at the end of the lesson he ended his pray but saying firmly 'in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God! Amen' i was so happy. when descibing the spirit that he felt as he comes to church he said. 'when i come i feel a deep peace and satisfaction of soul that i cant find anywhere else' it is amazing to see others testimonies built by things we often take for granted. Looking back i dont think i have ever realized what it must feel like to not renew my baptismal covenants every week. or have the assurance that God is there and listening to my prays. or know in my heart that i can hope for a glorious ressurection because of Jesus Christ and see those loved ones whom i have lost (or never even knew). to see people realize these things for the first time is one of the sweetest experiences i have been blessed to enjoy.

just in case any of you were wondering 'happines in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded on the teachings and gospel of Jesus Christ' i believe, i know it, im a witness of it. God is there and He does care and continues to show His love to us in everyday of our life. He continues to speak to us through His choosen prophets and the way to salvation (being put out of the reach of your enemies) is clear. find it and stay on it and you will find an inner peace and everlasting happines no matter what happens.

Elder Solomon

ps it was so good to hear from meagan and taylor. im going to do my best to send you a letter this week but we do have a pretty busy evening planned. also it was good to hear that Kass finally got my parcel of

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