Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to High School

Kimallee Roxy Ramsee

It is so good to hear from you all!! I'm sure you are all extremely busy... but every one thinks mom will write the email and it slipped her mind. No worries. I'm not as upset, as you probably hope I'm not. Lucky for me I got some mail today:) I got a letter from Meagan, mom, and I think guy named Jeff, who sent me a cd about the New World Order that all the leaders of the world are a part of supposedly, to usurp power and make us all his slaves.

Here is my paragraph dedicated to Meagan Hoopes. “Thank you so much for your letter! I felt like I child at Christmas I know that you start writing me all the time but a stamp does not always find its way onto your letters before they get shipped to the dark corner of the room or under the bed, so when one actually makes it to England I'm sure that there are many angels in heaven that join in songs of praise and hosannas. It’s like a light shines down from a break in the clouds and I dramatically look up with my mouth wide open as divine voices sing 'hallelujah!!' :)”

K, so my week has been absolutely crazy and my fingers are numb, so please excuse my rubbish grammar. Week started off slow and stayed consistent but we stayed busy. The crowning event was this weekend. So we were looking at the numbers this week and found that about 31 percent of our appointments actually came and out of 20+ first appointments, only 4 came. So is the life of a missionary. We spent some good time finding, as we do, when appointments don’t go through. Funny story I had a gay man try to entice me to go clubbing with him and also move to Paris then New York or Berlin. He kept trying to hint in a round about way and I kept telling him I had no idea what he was talking about. It was hilarious to watch him squirm as he was trying to get the courage to get to the point, then right before he did I introduced the gospel and the book of Mormon and within thirty seconds he was gone. The worst part of it all was that he interrupted one of my conversations with someone else to waste my time.

Ok so this weekend we baptized Kimallee Ramsee from Grenada (if anyone remembers that in Anger Management). She meet the missionaries the week before I came here and had a “Preach My Gospel”[the missionary manual] perfect conversion. She kept all of her commitments came to church and gained a was awesome! I got to confirm her on Sunday. The coolest part about it all is that we think she will be hooking up with Gift Medi who we baptized at the beginning of the transfer!

I hate drama. I thought that I graduated high school a while ago but I guess I was wrong. Many of our converts are going through their testing period to see if their testimony is strong enough to get them through the hard times. And some are failing. It is hard when you are looking after 11 or so babies in the gospel who have given up almost everything for the church. One bad comment has started a wildfire, which has spread all though our teaching pool and is driving the Spirit away. It all escalated to a point when one called the other fat. She flipped a switch and pulled out a knife.... I love being a missionary.

So God lives and loves each and everyone of us... bottom line if you don’t believe me, just ask Him and He will tell you He is there.


Elder Solomon

ps I did get your package today with cds... and watch catalog. Cheers for that!

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