Monday, January 24, 2011

boo ya

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Hello Family!
im so glad to hear that you are all so busy out of your mind. remember an empty mind is the devils play ground, but a crowded mind is his cover. we had our 'teaching for the times' this week on presdient uchtdorfs talk about slowing down. i liked it. ok i have to admit i have been a doubting Thomas and have not had enough faith. miracles happen al the time let me tell you about some. for instance, if you have one or two investigators at church it is something to get excited about three or four is a really good week. this week between the sister missionaries and ourselves we had about 17!!! and a good handful of them just walked in from the street! it was amazing it was like herding cattle from one room to the next between the classes. mark these words the church is going to explode in India and Pakistan. the Gathering of Isreal is happening in London. people might think they are coming to England to get a job or do a studies but really they are being sent here to except the gospel and then they will go home and prepare their countires and people for the church. that is from a general authority. it is so cool to be a part of that work! i have given away handfuls of Urdo (most prominant Arabic language) copies of the Book of Mormon to honest seekers of Christ. the best moment was when two students from Pakistan named Naeem and Muhammad just walked into the church and told me that they want to become Christian. the i can not begin to tell you how exciting the work is to see the difference that it makes in peoples lives. i think some times we take it for granted that we know the plan of happiness that was created for us by a loving Heavenly Father. Even the simple fact that we can pray and be heard yet less have those prays answered. ok let me tell you the story of Sanjay. he actually is sitting a couple of computers away just now. he is a student from Dheli in India. he is 20 years old. he is currently being taught by the sister missionaries here in Ilford. Last night at a 'fireside' activity i had the chance to sit down and chat with him. of course his English isnt great but im becoming an expert at understanding half English. He told me about his conversion story. He came to England just a few months ago and since he got here has had a burning desire to learn more about Jesus Christ. on day last week he went to the library to look up more about Christ. Sister Anderson sat down next to him and noticed what he was looking at and offered to teach him which he readily excepted. He got the Book of Mormon and has studied and read it ever since. he says that it feels really good when he reads the Book of Mormon because it gives him a calm and peaceful feeling and loves learning about Christ because it gives him and new energy of soul. he has now begun sharing these things with his sister in india and even has the sisters teach her over the phone. his faith is so strong. where he lives six other men live who like to drink. often they persecute him and ridicule him for reading the Book of Mormon. so he comes to church because he just wants somewhere to go and to study about Christ. He is amazing i have never had my heart reach out for someone as mine has for him. that is just one of the stories from this week and there are so many just like it. I had an interview with president patch this morning and he told me that it was over a year before this area even had one baptism when he opened it a year and a half ago. in half a year they had twenty five baptism and are the second highest baptising area in the uk. why is it. because the goepel is for EVERYONE. we stand in front of the chapel and just invite everyone that comes by to come in and learn more. you would not believe the kind of people that actually come in. from suicidal gangsters to exmilitary kickboxers to burka covers arabians. one of my favorite quotes i dont remember where i heard it but it goes. it is not up to use to pick and choose who gets to hear about the gospel. It just comes with taking the name of Christ upon us which all of us did at baptism. To stand as witnesses in all times in all things and in all places. in adittude action and word. what a wonderful blessing that is! and Amazing resposiblity. i love it!!
Mother thank you fo the suggestion. i know that Chirst grace is sufficent for all man but I think that right about now i could use a witness that of it. to be quite honest i feel horrible and accountable for the time that was wasted last transfer in Bedford. i could us the ressurence.
I pray that the preparations for londons run is all goin well. i know that it can get a bit crazy just remember that it is not met that man should run faster then he has strength but at the same time as we are obedient to the commands of the Lord we will 'run and not be weary, walk and not faint' you know i have always wonderded about that phrase and let me tell you about what i feel it means. i have been learning alot about dilligence lately and as i was praying one night this phrase and these thoughts pressed firmly in my mind. k so run and not be weary walk and not faint. running is more strenuous then walking but the more dramatic faint is attached to walking. why is that? well look at it this way as we are running we stop because we are weary the promise is that we will be sustained to mantain the prescribed pace. same with walking think of a wonderer lost in a hot desert that falls (faints) on the sand dunes. the promise is that as we are faithful to obedience that we will be sustained at the prescribed pace to be diligent to the end. but we have to remember to go at the speed limit. i dont know if you remember dad but my junior year when we were playing at Seton high i was on kick off and for some reason on one particular kick off and ran down the field and did not come in contact with at single person. i was usless to the team because i fell three times. for some reason i just keep falling over my self untouch i just went down. that is how i see it being when we run faster then it is 'met' we just tipp and fall. go at the prescribed pace and you will be sustained.
I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that we have a Loving Heavenly Father that hears AND answers our prayers. I know that as we humble ourselves He will lead and guide us and make more out of us the we ever could with out Him. I know that He is the one true God and the best Source of healing.
i love you all
Elder Solomon

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