Monday, October 4, 2010

Moral standards matter!!!!

My Dearest Family,

Ok, so conference was amazing but I did miss two sessions the Saturday morning and Sunday Afternoon. Unfortunately we had to travel to Canterbury to watch it so we couldn’t go on Saturday. On Sunday they replayed the Saturday afternoon session. Then because of the time difference we couldn’t watch the Sunday afternoon session; it was on from 9-11. It was so good!!! President Monson is getting a bit more animated then usual. I have not seen a lack of supporting the prophet but across the pond here, not supporting local church leaders is a plague. It seems like each time a new Bishop is called half of the ward falls away. Agency and accountability and humility are the lessons that the British Saints need to hear more then anything. Many people are like the Lamanites like in Alma 17 where they supposed that 'whatsoever they did was right'. Or like the followers of Nehor that they could do whatever they wanted and God would save them. It makes it really hard because when you tell them, as it is they just harden their heart and call you a blasphemer and a liar. 'God wouldn’t condemn any of His children.' I will be eternally grateful for parents who struggled and fought with me to teach me personal accountability. Lazy patents breed unruly children. Unruly children grow up and ruin moral standard. Without moral standards humanity suffers. Parents you are the only people who can bring peace to this world. Please don’t be selfish. No matter how hard it can be every sacrifice is worth having righteous children... as if I have enough experience to speak.

So this week has been amazing. We have picked up some golden investigators including a Peruvian family!

I’m out of time ill try to finish my email later.

Love lots

Elder Solomon

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