Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look out for scorpions

Ok, so because of my philosophical tangent yesterday I didn’t have time to finish my email. Now Elder Koppe needs to finish his progress record so now I have a bit of time for my update.

I'm so excited about this Peruvian family we are now teaching! They are five children and a mom. They were not brought up in the church and now that the mother has to raise them on her own she wants so bad for them to learn what the church teaches. They really don’t know much about religion so its good we don’t have to pull out any weeds we just need to till the earth and plant the seeds. We built a really good relationship with them right off by taking them to on of our Friday night activites. Chris (18) Tiffany (13) and William (10) came and had a great time playing football with some of the members. They quickly became friends. Then the next night Elder Enenkel and I came over to teach a lesson. The mother Zulie was out because she had had enough, so then after a while when she came back we had the most amazing lesson. We didn’t really teach any principles but we shared our testimonies. It was so cool cause so many different words were put in my mouth. I thought that they would not be interested at all cause they are teenagers. But much to my surprise Stephanie (16) sat there starry eyed the whole time and on a few occasions started crying.

Chris likewise was captivated. So we came by again last night and taught them about the Book of Mormon, Unfortunately, Stephanie and Tiffany decided not to be there but Natalie was there for the first time and they all were really excited to learn that the Book of Mormon talks about their ancestors. Both times Chris said the closing prayer and thanked the Lord for their new friends, the Mormons who are now a part of their family. It was SO neat! I love my mission. I'm scared though, cause transfers are coming up on the 17th and I have a feeling I’ll be leaving and Elder Enenkel will be training in Deal. I love this area and just recently it has exploded. We are having a hard time keeping up with our investigators and visiting them all. Chris (our eternigator) just had his appendix burst so he is in the hospital in Ashford (zone leader area). So tonight I'm on a work over and will go visiting him. He has been waiting for a sign from God that he needs to stop drinking wine and he really likes to excuse himself and says that God says it’s ok if he doesn’t keep the commandments 100% so I'm hoping that he will see this as a sign. He was supposed to go on holiday for a month the day it burst so we will see how this turns out.

I love you all. It’s sad but listening to Zulie and how hard she works to provide the best for her family of unappreciative teenagers has made me feel so sorry that I was snot nose brat.
Mom this is me hugging you giving you a kiss on the cheek and saying thank you for every thing you have ever done.

Elder Solomon

Watch out for the scorpions and wear proper shoes

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