Monday, September 27, 2010

I love my mission!

So before I forget is it possible that I could get a digital copy of some of our family pictures so I can print them out here? So life is good elder Enenkel and I have been working really hard. I had a really cool experience this week that was one of those moments that kind of made all of this worth it. The sister missionaries called us and gave us a referral. This guys name was Jim and he had spent some time in the states and was interested in our beliefs. So being me, I forgot about it until on Monday of last week. I was on a work over here with Elder Volpe (Italy). After we got stood up twice, we decided to drop by. Jim let us in right off and we started talking to him. It turns out that through business he made friends with some really rich Mormons. His friends actually donated their personal jet to President Hinckley! And once a year he would go spend a week or so with them. He even met president Hinckley one of those times! We learned that he had absolutely no religious background and had never prayed in his life. We taught him about the Restoration and he recognizing answers from the spirit. Then at the end of the lesson we invited him to pray. He was really nervous and refused, so I knelt on his floor and Elder Volpe and Adon Giboin (local prospective elder) followed suit. Then we compromised with him. We three each said a little pray then he said one! He was hesitant at first but he prayed! It was amazing! Then when I returned on Thursday with Elder Muro (Brazil) and showed him the Restoration DVD we did the same thing and he prayed again. It was so cool to see this man, who had never even thought about God before in his life, pray. I really look forward to meeting with him again!

We had a bit of drama this weekend that we had to fix. One of the members was suppose to go through the temple this weekend and get sealed to her dead husband. The recommend wasn’t signed in time so she swore in her wrath that she would never set foot in a church again. So after about fifteen minutes of rebuking, encouraging and lifting we got her to change her mind. It was after I appealed to her American pride that I got her to see that she was 'digging her heels in' on the wrong path. Its funny how you get such opposite reactions whenever you tell people you are from America. Oh, also on Tuesday I had to get my three hours of driving instruction... that was crazy, this guy is an advanced police pursuit driver. It was like driving with dad again... but the difference was that he had his own brake pedal on the other side so I often found him slamming on the brakes for what I thought was no apparent reason. Then I would see a mile up a lorry (semi) driver cutting off traffic. I hardly survived but it was really cool to drive a brand new mini around the streets of London:) I love my mission!!

Ok, so thanks to Mikalie, Meagan, Jamie, Grandma, Kassidee, Maggie, Elder Brock Matthews and Elder Edwards for writing me letters it was awesome when President Patch came to our district meeting and brought me the letters I was so happy!! The church is true. Some times the people aren’t but the Lord is always there and always will be. So Elder Muro is one of those too deep doctrine type guys and he claims that the second coming will be in the next thirty years on account that his patriarchal blessing says that his children will usher in the second coming and that President Hinckley apparently said that the last prophet had been born or something like that... and also scientist claim that the moon is cracking... personally I think thirty years is a long way away but it got me wondering if I am ready... are you?

Love Elder Solomon

P.S. you have a small package on the way that I sent today hope it doesn’t melt:)

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