Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things to be thankful for...

So, yesterday we sacrificed part of our p-day [preparation day] so we could meet with some members who were going to have a potential investigator over for lunch. But as it usually goes, the potential ended up bailing on us. So we had another appointment with Asha today, but she also canceled, so my district leader said I should email since I didn’t get to yesterday. So yesterday was my first interview with President Patch and that went well! He told me that they did the same thing a year ago (open an area with a greenie and a 'dieing' elder) and at first it was real hard but now in that same area they had 25 investigators at church between the Elders and the Sisters of the area! So that just gives me a bit more motivation to keep trudging on. After that we went shopping cause they have wonderful deals in the summer time. I love the English style, so I bought a shirt, tie and shoes so I will need some money transferred in:/ Oh, I forgot, when I first got in the house I found an English suit that fit me perfectly, and when no one claimed it or knew who’s it was, the zone leaders gave it to me! So with that new suit, shirt and shoes I have something to wear to Zone Conference. And elder Gallagher is going to give me one of his suits when he leaves, so I bought him a pair of shoes (something is telling me I'm going to get a financial training in my next email from home).

So today was Zone Conference and it was awesome! They had all the greenies and dieing Elders bare testimony. It’s weird to think that Elder Gallagher only has like twenty days left but at the same time its not. He is getting a bit trunky and it’s slowing down the work. President Patch has this wonderful vision that every area can baptize every transfer and I really think that we are going to make it happen!! We invited Francis (the doctor from Nigeria) to be baptized and he really was awesome. He looked at us as if we had insulted him and said, “'why not, of course I will if I know it is true!” So I have been praying that he will keep reading the Book of Mormon and get that confirmation from the spirit that it is true. Also, Asha, we are waiting for her boyfriend to get his Visa so they can be married and she can get baptized. I think I told you about Pyi? The Buddhist we grabbed off the street after we got hosed? Well, we taught him about the restoration and showed him the DVD and he really connected with Joseph Smith. Then this Sunday we taught him about the first half of the plan of salvation and then I invited him to pray. His prayer was so simple but so sincere and powerful. He prayed to his Father in Heaven and so sincerely thanked him for his Son and the plan of happiness that he can repent and return to live with his God. The amazing thing is he didn’t even believe in God two weeks ago. The coolest part about this is that all the time he says how all of this sounds familiar and just makes absolute sense! He owns a Chinese take out shop and works ridiculous hours so it is hard to meet with him but I think Elder Gallagher and I are going to drop by and see him this week.

So President Patch told me that he will be speaking in our ward on the 25th of July and before I knew what I had said, I said that we were going to have 2 conformations that day.... I really hope it works out that way.

So walking everywhere I go is taking a toll on my feet. Some days they are fine other they just kill. I have three blisters on top of each other on one of my toes!! I also think I have planter fascitis or what ever it is. It feels like someone took a knife and made a slit down the middle of my nonexistent arch every time I step. But so that I’m not negative and complain about hosy people, hot days, long hours, black boogers, trunky companions and girls that don’t know how to dress when the sun comes out, I'm going to list what I am thankful for:

That I can cook, sew (a little), walk with out pain, sleep well at night, see the good in almost everyone, stay positive, see others’ side of the story, see through the lies, that I can plan, being ok with the back up plan, being able to make up a second back up plan on the fly, my history knowledge, my heritage (big one), knowledge of the scriptures, gardening skills, pyrotechnic skills (don’t ask), common sense, playing the piano (a little but getting better)...and being a bit oblivious at times is nice too! I'm lucky that I'm in the area I am. Talking with some other greenies today, I guess they see a bit of persecution and all I see are Bible bashing born again's and Jesus hating Muslims. Oh, and I ran across a communist extremist. I almost started laughing listening to her tell me that Christ is anti-human and that America and capitalism are evil. I didn’t really think that people believed that having the government run your life was the right thing to do. I really did start laughing though when I told her that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and she said, “How do I know that your not just CIA? That’s when I just left.

Any how sorry no pictures again. Elder Ho Kum has a card reader that I promise I will use next week I just don’t have it with me today. I'm thankful for grandma’s example. I took the ipod with me to my interview yesterday and showed President Patch what I had and he said I could keep it, which means that I'm probably the first missionary ever to have an ipod in this mission (legally). By the way, mom did you get Tim Holmes address for me? Oh and I'm thankful for President and Sister Holmes we got a referral from temple square the other day! It was a Muslim that loved the idea of families and the importance of families but she didn’t really want to listen to us beyond that. Mom please send snail mail to the mission home. There is talk of shutting this area down again when Elder Gallagher leaves so I wouldn’t want some random new tennant to get my precious chipotle sauce! Oh, I found the best bbq sauce the other day; you should see if you can get it! It’s made by gracefoodsuk and it is called jerk bbq. It’s Jamaican and it’s awesome. I'm trying to remember anything else from this week but as soon as I write something in my journal I forget it. I have gone through three pens in a week I have been doing so much writing! Speaking of writing. Thank you mom for your cards, grandma you long awaited letter has finally arrived and I was so happy to get it! Lindy and the young women of the ward thank you so much for your letters! Lindy and Grandma your replies are in the mail every one else you'll have to wait till next pday... sorry.

It does not even feel like I'm in England yet it just feels like I have gone back in time to the spring! It’s around 75-85 everyday with a slight breeze and sunny skies! It has only rained on my once for about 5 minutes. Can you believe that? And we get beautiful Arizona sunsets every night- its awesome! The only thing that is off is my sleeping habits. Since I have the primitive instinct to rise with the sun and lay down with it I've been getting up at four every morning and going to bed around eleven. Its driving me crazy cause I'm so freakin tired I can hardly make it through my studies in the morning. I spoke in the ward last Sunday about going on a mission and that went well then the bishop asked me to help him teach a class that prepares people to become an Elder. I was surprised but excited for that. Well I don’t really have anything else so I’ll leave you with a little thought:

Yesterday’s armor is not good enough for today’s battles. We need to be constantly improving our armor in anticipation for Satan's new tactics and strategies. The great thing is we don’t have to come up with the ideas by our selves. We have a prophet and 12 apostles for that all we have to do is listen and apply their advice. We need to be like Moroni who as the commander in chef still asked the prophet for advice and win against amazing odds. Then he also prepared his people with tomorrow’s armor and then the Lamanites had no idea what to do (Alma 49)

Love you all!

Elder Solomon

P.S. can someone please give sister Orlando the biggest hug possible for me? And tell her I love her and she is awesome

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