Monday, July 12, 2010

I can't get away from it!

The kitchen in my flat...
No backpacks here, so try a man bag on for size!

Sister Ola, my Polish teacher!

It was so good to hear from you all! It sounds like we are experiencing the same weather 7000 miles apart! I know it never gets above 80 degrees but the humidity is a killer! Elder Gallagher put it perfect when he said he feels like he just got out of a pool and put his clothes on! It wouldn’t be so bad if people had some freakin air conditioning here! Every time I get in side of a building I want to shoot myself cause it is so hot and stuffy! There is NO RELIEF! It’s really embarrassing, but church gets so hot that we fall asleep every week!

Anyhow this has been a downer week. We only taught two lessons this whole week and those were at members house after a meal. Francis canceled on us twice, then stood us up at church. I don’t even know what happened to Pyi. Elder Gallagher and I are having a hard time communicating our schedule and he has a tendency to miss appointments that I set and a hard time remembering that he was going to set up other ones.

But anyhow we are getting a lot of finding in! I'm getting better about being a man and testifying. It seems that every day we have at least one bash session on the streets. It’s amazing how people just don’t listen! We were talking with this guy who was Baptist and believed in original sin. I did nothing but ask questions because that was the only way I could make a point. Every time I opened my mouth to say something he would interrupt and repeat himself. So I kept asking different questions and he totally keep contradicting himself. After a half hour of listening to his absurd crooked beliefs, Elder Gallagher finally stepped in and basically said, “You have to read the Book of Mormon to gain eternal salvation. Will you meet with us?” He said no, so we finally got to leave. Its amazing how hardhearted people can be that they cannot feel the spirit. There have been times in the street that I have testified of prophets and the plan of salvation and the BOM [Book of Mormon] and felt the spirit so strong, then they just look at me like I'm crazy and waive me off and walk away! Its quite discouraging but all I have to do is press on and do the best I can. Its so sad to know that one day God will ask them 'did I not send theses men to testify to you and show you the way?' and then they will realize too late what they rejected. I hope I don’t have to stand there and witness it. I will feel so bad but what more can I do!

Anyhow, so Preston you were so right about porn. IT IS EVERYWHERE! I can’t get away from it. It is seriously driving me crazy! Ill be sitting on the tube (underground train) just reading the headlines of someone’s newspaper then they will turn the page and BAM there they are two biggo ta's staring right back at me! So I’ll look away and BAM there’s a naked woman on a poster! Then I’ll open my scriptures and BAM there is Solomon’s Songs! I want to shoot myself some times! Like one time this poor little innocent missionary fresh in the field is walking down the street and kicks a newspaper, looks down and sees the whore of the earth in the Star newspaper (or which ever it is). So what is the moral of this story? Don’t go to England. Naw just kidding! The moral is to stand in holy places at ALL times! And that goes for your mental state. The moment you let your thoughts go somewhere they shouldn’t Satan will put that temptation there. Its like the guy that is scared of heights and gets braver and braver and closer and closer till the devil in all his treachery runs up and pushes him off the cliff. Just don’t go there man!

Anyway, I love life and all though I complain a bit in my emails I really am having a good time. Probably cause I don’t know any better, but I still love it. Sister Ola in the ward is Polish and invited us over last night so Elder Koppe could watch his home country (the Netherlands) get beaten in the World cup finals. I spent the evening learning how to speak polish! She has sworn that she is going to get me in touch with my heritage! I think that it is pretty cool and I'm having fun time learning. I'll include a picture of her little boy and me. So anyhow love you all keep strong! Thank you Maggie and Talon Price for your mail you guys are awesome! Austin Jones good luck and don’t get discouraged it’s easier to be their friend than their teacher. Mom, good luck with the gossip society and Dad, I want to hear ALL of your totally cool heroic S.W.A.T. stories! Give my best to everyone and tell Stacy I want a wedding invitation! (I knew she was going to get married before she did:)

Love Elder Solomon

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