Monday, June 28, 2010

Day of Judgement

[Note from the Editor: After requests to 2 missionary sons to capitalize their "i"'s in their letters to make the editing easier, all my boys said I shouldn't waste time editing the letters...they say it isn't important to them, so it shouldn't be important to me (and everyone else who reads their letters!) So, here you go, an untouched least Brighton uses periods!]

So toady started out pretty rough. the landlord paid an unexpected visit to the house and to say the least he wasnt happy. from the broken bed to the kicked down door. the pennies stuck in the wall and the jungle backyard to the unsightly front porch all the way to the remants of half burnt toys scattered around the over grown garden he didnt know what was worse so after a brief email and shopping we have the rest of pday set out for us. mom i havnt gotten any letters or packages since the ones i got last week cause we havent gone into the mission home but im sure they are there and safe. so starting from the ground up in this area Elder Gallagher and i have been spending all of our time finding and droping by old contacts. it also seems that everyone that we set up an appointment with "hoses" us. yesterday elder gallagher asked 'how many times have we been hosed' my reply was how many appointments have we set? bearing that in mind the Lord works in mysterious ways and our faith has not gone in vain. im not sure if i told you about asha but she is an investigator who is waiting for her partner(boyfriend) to get a visa so they can be married to get baptized. the other day we kept trying to get a hold of her and finally before a appointment we had she answered the phone and did not sound well. elder gallagher then told me how she gets bad migranes. well we set up an appointment any how and taught her about priesthood blessings. when we asked if she would like a blessing she smiled and told us how on the bus home today before she had spoken to us she had the impression that she should ask us for one. Elder Gallagher anoited then I blessed her. it was an amazing experience to feel the Lord work through his Priesthood power as i acted as voice for the blessing. we followed up with her a couple of days later and she has no more headaches! Her faith is amazing. so then saturday we were sitting at the chapel waiting for a potential to come to an appointment but they never came. so dissappointed we went finding again and litterally the first person we stop (Pyi) was interested and we ended up taking him back to the church and teaching him! he is solid an loves learning and want to know how to receive the Holy Ghost! Elder Gallagher and Elder Koppe taught him yesterday morning while Elder Ho Kum and I went to PEC. in all yesterday we got hosed four different times but again right after we got hosed we being a bit discouraged went finding and again the first person we stoped (Niveeda) wanted to see the chapel! she is muslim and wanted to see how we pray we also taught her some of the basics and she will becomeing to church next week and we have an appointment with her some time this week. so then right after that lesson i called Marious (a Romanian mechanic student) who we had contacted earlier this week and set up an appointment. it was awesome we showed him the restoration dvd and the spirit was so strong I know that he felt it and wants to meet with us more! the slight problem with Marious is that he has only been here for a five days and has a hard time with English. so moral of the story, try to make it happen but when it doesnt keep walking forward and then the Lord will make it happen. one quick note. its a shame dad that you had to experience English food. i have had so many dinner and lunch appointments this week that i have wanted to kill myself! the food is amazing and we have only had the same countries food once! and i have to say zach if all Brazilians cook like that you are lucky mate! thank you Mike Taylor and Kassidee for the emails i wasnt expecting any! you are all awesome. so i worte some letters last week that i have carried around with me all week cause i havnt had the chance to buy stamps. its amazing how the sun is up from 430 to 1030 and i still dont have enough time in the day to do everything that i need to! i guess that is His way of keeping missionaries out of trouble! you all did good at nanas house with the tree that thing is a monster! oh and i could use some tips on pruning rose bushes... ours are a bit out of hand. Taylor I dont even know what to say but that im proud of you and that im lucky that you are my friend. Kassidee I'm glad that you had such a good time at girls camp. sounds like they were telling you what have always been trying to :) Mike could you please keep a closer eye on preston? haha im just kidding but thanks for the email im glad you havent forgotten me yet! keep the reading up! everyone loves the many stories i tell about when i did ac back in arizona and my crazy managers! i still grab and hoard any golf balls i can find! Keep the faith!
Brigh...... Elder Solomon

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