Monday, October 31, 2011


All is well in the life of Elder Solomon. We just got done having an amazing Zone Meeting. Because our Zone Leaders are doing so bad the Lord has really blessed this Zone with some good District Leaders. The both talked about diligence and obedience. I love how different principles and different terms mean different things inside the gospel then they do out side the gospel. I learned the the strongest motivating factor behind a diligent missionary and an obedient missionary is Love. love for the Lord and love for the people. think about it. If you only were obedient because 'any blessing we recieve is by obedience to the law by which it is predicated' then we would not be obedient when we don't understand why. Does that make sense? Also with diligence. A missionary who truly loves the Lord will make the most out of the short time he has been given to serve Him. A missionary who loves the people he serves will be as effective and efficient as possible because he want to give the oppurtunity for someone to be baptised and recieve a remission of their sins to as many people as possible. I love love:)
Had a bit of an manic week. So on Friday we realized that we had nothing to do on Saturday so we decided to surprise the Romford Elders and just show up sleep with them and then go finding with them the next day. Well be did that. Had a horrible cold night sleeping on the hard dirty floor, but the next day me and Elder Thompson had a great time in the Town Center talking to people. will the time came and we headed home. An hour and a half later when we got back I realized that the car and flat keys were missing......
yup i pulled a 'Bright-one' Unfortunatley the lost and found at the train station was closed for the weekend and out renting agents were also closed for the weekend. We didnt want to pay for a lock smith so we tried to break in. We were unsuccessful in that endeavour so we got a few members to help us and got a ladder and tried all the windows (we live on the second story). again we were unsuccessful. So here we were homeless. Unfortunately it is against church policy for us to stay at members house unless we have like a contract so we had to travel back to Romford to stay the night. We got a lift back to Basildon Sunday morning and went to church in the same cloths that we had been wearing for three days now. Church came and went (It was the Primary Program totally awesome) then we found ourselves carless homeless and plannless again. so we wandered around. went to an appointment and found a Book of Mormon and a note in a plastic bag at the gate. (they were not intrested anymore) Later in the evening Bishop picked us up and brought us home for dinner. (He is an angel) then drove us to Grays where we again slept on the floor. this morning we got our keys and finnally got everything sorted. ( i was very gratefull that i had the blanket Kassidee mde for me through it all, a real life saver) it was a humbleing experience. made me really gratefull for grandpa and the mission he served.
Well im going to carve pumpkins and wait for my companion to return from his day out with his visiting Austrian friends.
Elder Solomon

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