Monday, July 18, 2011

A week in review

Elder Brower
Me, whistling...nice glasses!

Elder Brower, Raheel Suliamon and myself

So we had a really good week this week! We worked hard and got more done then we have in a really long time. I think the highlight of the week was Saturday. Saturday morning we woke up and had absolutly nothing planned for the day. which is a night mare for a missionary because that means 10 hours of tracting and street contacting. so i did my best to put on a good attitude and we steped out the door. Elder Brower is learning how to whistle so we whistled as we worked all day. Our focus for the day was to follow the spirit in everything we do. every half hour no matter what we were doing or where we were we would stop and say a prayer then continue. We ended up having a great day! We found a ton of new people to teach and actually got to teach four people unexpectedly through out the day. it ended up being a more productive day then most days that we have chalk full of appointments! It is amazing the things that the Lord does for you when you serve him. Saturday we found this really good girl named Zenah from Ivory Coast, Africa. We taught her briefly then invited her to church. Sunday morning our bus was late so we missed sacrament meeting but we still had an amazing day! We traveled with Zenah and planned on teaching her after church. well after church she was no where to be found and we thought maybe she had had enough and ran away after relief society. but we found out later that a couple of the African sisters in the ward took her out to lunch! that is propbably better then us teaching her! Also a members wifes cousin (from china!! oh yea!!) came for the first time and was supper intrested in learning more. I sat down with her after church and taught her about revelation and prayer. I think my favorite thing ever is witnessing a chinese person pray for the first time. each time it is a witness to everyone in the room that God really is there. Amber came to church finnally again. Unfortunatly it was for the last time because she will be moving back to Taiwan on Friday (im super gutted about it) But she brought a friend who was visiting from Taiwan. It was really good for Amber because she showed her friend around and taught her everything that we had taught her and bore her testimony about prayer and receiveing answers. Im sure that her testimony is stronger for it! ok i love you all and am going into London for pday today so i dont have much time.
Be good stay cool and press on
elder solomon

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