Monday, July 11, 2011


So sorry i havent had proper time to sit down and email things have been crazy latly. Last p-day i had to travel into London for a leadership training meeting which lasted longer then i wanted to so i didnt have time to email when i got back. my bad. For my fourth of july i had a bbq pulled pork sandwich. it reminded me so much of Taylor rodeos and heber fireworks. then i whipped my face and when back to work. in my last proper update i believe i told you about Susie and June right? well to update a bit more on them. The ward is doing amazing at fellowshipping them and being friends. at church yesterday they both were given a calling, contaced by visiting teachers and interviewed for a temple recommend! They are both so excited to go to the temple this weekend. Even though they will only be visiting the visitors center. i bought them their own quads this week and Susie said in a text about it 'thanks so much for my bible it truly is the best gift ever!' Im cant not tell you how happy i am with how good they are doing! Susie is a great example of faithful loyalty. She has recieved extreme opposition from her mother and has even been kicked out of her home! Thankfully she will be getting her own place now this week.
elder Brower is awesome! I've been telling every one that i trained for about a week then he has taken over as senior companion. Honestly he does so many things better then i do. however, his American accent is still way to strong and is rubbing off on me, and he still has his volume turn up to the normal American level 10+. its great the whole street gets preached the gospel and we only have to knock on one door!
Last week end we had two more baptisms. I dont remember if i told you about them yet or not... First was Raheel Gill. Christian kid from Pakistan his parents sent him here to pursue a football (soccer) career. when he had been here for five days late at night this scary African jumped out from behind a tree and scared him and his friends. after his friends ran away Raheel began talking to and laughing with Suliamon who invited him to church the next day. Raheel came that tuesday we invited him to be baptized an he accepted! teaching went smooth and he was baptised. Just the other day i found out that his parents were against his baptism because they said we didnt believe in the bible or Jesus Christ. He told them 'they teach me About Jesus Christ from the Bible. i know what they say is true so im getting baptised!' I really love this guy! he is just 20 years old. i hoping to get him on a mission.
Second was ANJ(name changed for privacy reasons). ANJ and his wife Nancy (named changed for privacy) are from Iran. Nancy's sister was baptised almost 4 years ago then Nancy followed and was baptised two years ago. at the time ANJ was in Malaysia studying acitecture. She told him all about it and he began attending the small branch there and read the Book of Mormon twice! he came here for a month between semesters. Elder Browers first proper lesson on a mission was ANJ's first proper lesson with the missionaries. We set a baptismal date! We taught ANJ everything that he needed to know. got him interviewed and baptised. We know that we had to be quick about it because ANJ was going back soon we just didnt know when. i was gutted the next day at church right after we confirmed him he had to leave to get on a plane! The baptism was super spiritual and emotional. President Patch came which was really exciting for Nancy because he attened her baptism as well. Marjan was in tears the whole time and the whole family had a massive family hug with Sister Patch when Elder Brower baptised ANJ, ponytail and all.
I have been thinking alot about the mission experience and how it prepares people for life. Rather it gives a person the best opportunity to make the correct desicions that will shape and mold his character that will see him through for the remainder of his life. Serving a mission isnt what makes the difference, the difference is in being a good missionary. Does that make sense? if not ill tell you about it when i see you. :)
I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting last week. it went quite well surprisingly of coourse it was on missionary work. it was really fun to be able to stand infront of a ward and teach/talk rather then sit in a smoke infested living room with a smelly dog at my feet.
I enjoy being a district leader. it is fun organizing things and setting goals. it is even better to see people reach these goals and reap the blessings from it! I enjoy being engaged and concerned about the other missionaries areas and being a part of there success. One of the best part is having contact with them a being able to hear all of there amazing success stories that happen everyday which unfortunatly never make it into the journal.
Have a good week!
Love Elder Solomon
ps Preston, when do you get that little bat with legs? Thanks for the letters / drawings they made me smile

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