Monday, April 18, 2011


so you'll have to bear with me this week, already this morning i forgot my keys, map, and brain at the flat so if anything doesn't make sense just ignore it. So i got all the travel stuff sorted this morning. never got the travel card back so i had to apply for a new one. the good news is you can save 15 % on your car insurance by switching to Geiko. speaking of cars it is really going to be weird to come home and not see the suburban in the car park. but opportunity cost always hurts and i guess eating is more important anyhow. gas prices here are ridiculous its like £1.50 per liter which comes out to be $8 per gallon. but then again situations are a bit different and cars here normally 100 mile to the gallon and everyone can walk to where they need to go.
we had probably the best week i had had in Hayes, well kinda, we had no baptisms but we had alot of success. we began teaching 6 different new people this week as a result of all our time street contacting last week. On Saturday we taught Ashleigh for the first time and guess what, she is from America! she came to to get baptised but she thought she came to study. turns out that she got excepted into a better school in Missouri which she will go back to in October. she has attended our churches several times in the past with friends and always enjoyed it there. now she is interested in learning about how we can strengthen her faith in Christ and is completely open to everything we teach. well so far we have only taught the restoration but she loved it! so she came to church the nest day and because she was friendly, confident and outgoing the ward loved her! we actually left church before she did because we couldn't get her away from the relief society sisters. it was so refreshing! also we started teaching this Nepalese guy named Ang. He lives in the same home as our recent convert Neng so i get there names mixed up occasionally. he is buddest and has a strong desire to learn about Jesus Christ. Elder Holland in a training given to new mission presidents gave a list of ways we can identify that the Spirit is helping us teach and one of those is that the investigators will ask soul searching questions. Ang totally typlifies that! i love his wonderful questions. he is a really cool guy. is home town is at the base of mt Everest and he has been to the base camp like 36 times or so. get this he and his older brother are guides the the hikers that come through. his brother has been to the top of everest 5 times now. any how he is solid. i wont even begin to tell you about our new Chinese investigators! man they are so cool. so right now we are teaching allen johnny and chao (Allen and johnny of course are not there Chinese names) it is so good to teach people as sincere as them. i fear I'm beginning to catch the same obsession that elder Jacob has for teaching them. although it is not yet to his point where he was signed up to learn Chinese we he goes back to BYU. Johnny became Christian in China after the JW's knocked on his door. since he came here he realized that the JW were not the religion he should be part of but is really happy meeting with us. i think he is going to love the plan of salvation. he made a great (what i hope to be) prophecy. he said, 'my fathers generation was the one to bring business success and money to China and my generation will be the one to bring religious freedom.' in all honesty i can totally see it happening. look at how many missions around the world are baptising the Chinese students who are then going home and preparing the way. remember my last Sunday in America when we went to the farewell in California of the guy that was going to Scotland to speak Chinese? its such a happy thought.
i need a huge favor. someone please give Jared Call a huge hug for me. that guy is awesome and although i never had contact with him while he was on his mission he has had a great influence on me over the past two years he as been out.
don't forget the sun screen
Elder Solomon

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