Monday, November 15, 2010

Unlike Anything

Typical gray day.
We tracted this house out of envy!
My new coat - warm!

Ok, so life is great. I can’t say much more then that! Julie and her family are going to be baptized in December! It was so cool when she described her experience at church! She said that it was unlike anything she has every experienced. She felt a certain peace she had never known in her life. She talked about all the other churches she had gone to and how she would be happy there but would always come away feeling like something was missing. She said that she felt fulfilled when she came to our church! Unfortunately she went to the stake adult dance Saturday night and forgot to set the alarm so she wasn’t ready to go to church yesterday:( I finally got myself a winter coat, which is huge, and warm I love it! I look so funny with my flat cap scarf and huge coat!

We had zone conference this week and it was amazing! One of the Greenies right now is a sister from PAKISTAN can you believe it? And there is another one coming in a few months! President Patch is amazing. He is so funny he use to be a secretary to the Presiding Bishopric and he loves numbers. He told us all about the averages and percentages of missionary work. The LDS population of the British isle are .25% id say we are few in number... but the coolest thing that I learned is that the gathering of Israel isn’t just the Jews going to Jerusalem but the converting of the elect of God. He told us something Russell M Ballard said. 'The day will come when people will flock to the church as a last beacon of hope. It will happen in your lifetime and it will happen in mine' Big things are about to happen and I'm so excited to be apart of it.

Got the package thank you so much! Christmas list is on the way. Out of time.

Love you all forever,

Elder Solomon!!!

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