Monday, September 13, 2010

Game over,Soft hands, and Monopoly

Ok so I could completely see Brigg and Dad’s little girl play giggle fight going on as I read that last email. Hilarious. Ok, I thought that it was suppose to be the second year of my mission that everyone started getting engaged and married...WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! We have one missionary from Italy and he is the typical Italian lover. He is Elder Boer and he is my brother. Anyhow, whenever her hears of someone getting married he always shakes his head and says, “game over”. Its funny cause while Elder Gallagher was training him in Lea Valley, Elder Gallagher got a wedding invitation to his girlfriend’s wedding. It still stands in that flat with a nice little note from Elder Boer telling the story of when he read the letter.

Elder Enenkel is an amazing missionary and is defiantly in the top three of all my companions. We had to, of course, drive back from London on moves day and I was in charge of navigating. It took a little longer then it should have... I was a bit selfish and at one point we found our self-driving down Park lane and Mill lane is it? We also traveled down Old Kent road... is anyone recognizing these names form dad’s English Monopoly game? Anyhow we found our selves driving past Westminster Abbey and Big Ben it was awesome!!!

So this week was amazing! Chris (who is sitting right next to me in the library.) Finally got his revelation and is going to be baptized! Yea!! But we still need to wean him off of his wine. He has a metal plate in his head so he has problems sleeping cause his brain won’t calm down so I'm going to give him my bottle of Quiensecent essential oils...or what ever it is. I'm going to miss that bottle and the good sleep that comes with it, but hopefully it will help him get a good nights rest on Saturdays so that he won’t miss church anymore. Life is great we really started working more with the members so now they are happy and love us again. By the way the checkered shirt was a flat find that I now wear on P-days so people don’t see my hideous neck tan. Oh, and by the way I am completely white now... my arms are the same tone of color as the bottom of my feet and I hate it... don’t laugh. And my hands are getting soft. You don’t get to many blisters or calices by handing out pass along cards and tracting, Maybe a paper cut but those are few and far between. Congrats to Aunt Brigdett and Uncle Rob that’s is awesome!! I keep thinking of Rob Haynes whenever those two are mentioned together and I think to myself 'isn’t that an Alabama side of the family thing ' but then I remember it s Rob Ronan.

Well, I keep working and the Lord keeps working on me. I’m glad that it’s Him that is working on me cause I don’t think anyone else could do it. We have some exciting things ahead including a missionary fireside that we are in charge of getting President Patch to and now I have to get my British license.... I saw at church yesterday a couple from Mesa who where here doing family history. It was good to talk so someone who knew what Ned's subs was! Well, I hope the best for you all and I know that as you stay close to God and always remember the sacrifice of His Son that no matter what happens you will get through it and in the end it will be all good. I always like to keep in mind that this life is the worst it will ever get. Having said that aku na ma ta ta and farewell, salaam and may you live long and prosper (that’s for dad and the rest of the star trek fans)

Elder Solomon

(P.S. mom and dad we are meeting with a family who has a 11 year old girl named Gabby who has a brain tumor, can you send me a letter addressed to Duane and Sara Challis talking about how you were able to get through our ordeal? or is that not a good idea?)

P.S.S. Sheldon I love you

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